Top 4 Integrations For Salespeople

Optimize Your Sales Process with the Tools You’re Already Using

6-Nov 2017

Stop using cumbersome, expensive tools to manage your sales pipeline and start converting your leads into customers. With a smart automation platform that streamlines your entire sales process and integrates with your favorite tools, you’ll regain the confidence and support you need to grow with ease. Here’s how:

Salesforce Integration:

Finally, a Service Operations Automation software that can seamlessly integrate with your company’s Salesforce account. With the right smart platform, you can now manage your projects, customer service, and billing in consolidation with Salesforce - all from one dashboard.

That way, you don’t have to jump between various disconnected tools just to get a snapshot of your business financials, clients, and projects!

HubSpot Integration:

As a marketer, it's hard to find a software that enables you to nurture a client from lead all the way through to revenue. But with a ServOps platform that integrates with the likes of HubSpot, you'll be able to extend your service beyond a sale - ensuring that every contact you capture becomes a recurring customer.


Sharpspring Integration:

Identify prospects and further drive customers down the sales pipeline with a smart platform that integrates with Sharpspring, a marketing automation software. With tools like lead scoring and drip emails, you’ll be able to widen your sales funnel, track ROI, and optimize your marketing spend - all from the same dashboard you’re living out of.

Quickbooks or Xero Integration:

When it comes to closing a high-value sale, you'll want seamless invoicing, right? Thankfully technology has advanced in a way that lets you go from prospect to close without any major speed bumps. Now with ServOps technology, you can sync your items, accounts, and tax codes from Xero or Quickbooks across to your smart platform - so that every invoice you create is automatically reflected in your primary business management tool. Best of all? You see your cashflow in real-time, every time.

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