Instantly Capture Work Into Your Timesheet

Painless, Automated Time Tracking for Busy Accountants

Jun 6 2019 read

Manually filling out a timesheet probably is never at the top of the priority list for accountants. Like many professionals out there doing their best to balance what seems like a never-ending to-do list, it's likely that you wait until right before it is due to actually input your completed work into your timesheet. By that time who can accurately remember everything they did and how long it took them?

Despite it being another administrative chore for accounting professionals, accurate time tracking can be the cause of thousands of dollars being earned or leaked annually.

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Rather than digging through your collection of emails, scanning through your weekly calendar of meetings, or relying on your memory to recall what your work week looked like, invest in a system that streamlines the timesheet process. The right time tracking platform will make it so easy and simple that you won't need to add, "Fill in Timesheet" to your weekly initiatives again.

It might sound too good to be true, but we're here to share a few ways you can automate the way you and your team track your time:

Log your time with automated capture

Rather than having to locate details in your planner and scribbled notes, Accelo syncs your calendar, email and smartphone to pre-populate your timesheet based on the meetings you've attended, your email correspondence, and the places you were with the power of geolocation. There are three specific categories you could instantly capture into your weekly timesheet:

  • Meeting Capture: All the calendar appointments you add into Accelo, Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 or G Suite will instantly find its way into your timesheet.

  • Email Capture: Keep track of all the emails sent/received between you and your clients. The time you spent writing and sending your emails will automatically fill your timesheet.

  • Task Capture: Any of the tasks added through your Accelo account or synced through your G Suite or Outlook 365 tasks will automatically roll into your timesheet.

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Log time with the timers feature

Another fast and efficient way you can track your time is by simply pressing the +Create button in the top menu and then clicking 'Timer.' Just give the task a title and start running it as you're working in real-time. When you've finished your task, click 'Complete' and it will instantly log that time for you.

There are so many opportunities when it comes to leveraging automated time tracking tools in your daily routine. By doing so, you can expect an increase in accuracy to your timesheet, and a decrease the manual effort across your accounting firm. Try out Accelo's automated time tracking and sign up today! 

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