How To Become a Beta Tester

Practice Ignition and Accelo Integration: Beta is now live!

13-Feb 2019

We're excited to announce today that we've got a new beta program open to Accelo users - a smart linking integration with Practice Ignition!

Practice Ignition is one of the best ways for accountants and other service professionals to engage with new clients - it's the platform for creating engagement letters (aka proposals or quotes), handling e-signatures, and automating payments to help hard-working professionals win more business, easily.

Since Accelo is a platform focused on helping professionals manage all of their client work, the ability to easily reference client services from an engagement letter is critical to our users. Through our new integration, shared users can quickly connect to proposals in Practice Ignition linking what you've promised your clients back to Sales, Projects, Tickets and Retainers.

How does it work?

At its heart, the new smart link integration gives you the ability to create a connection from your day-today operations in Accelo directly to Practice Ignition. Once enabled, Practice Ignition will have a home on the left-hand side of your screen. Click "Add" and copy your Practice Ignition URL to connect either a client record or proposal for a specific opportunity.

Linking Accelo and Practice Ignition will make it easy for anyone on your team to reference a client engagement, making everyone your client's best point-of-contact. We're not stopping here! Coming soon, we'll be working with our partners at Practice Ignition to adding the status of a proposal (e.g. Drafted, Sent, Accepted) along with other information from their platform so you can stay up-to-date without even leaving Accelo.

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How do I get Beta access?

If you're both a Practice Ignition and Accelo user, and you'd like to try this beta, all you have to do is email us at From there,we'll enable it for your account and follow up with details on how to use it.

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