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30-Nov 2017
Tech for Business

It's time to get real about the gap in technology.

When you’re running a service business, getting insights into project profitability, employee utilization, and tying revenue directly back to marketing channels are crucial to success - but not easily accessible.  

We live in a time where global companies like IBM can track digital signals to show outbreaks of malaria down to the zip code level. In fact, they’ll probably be one of the first to let us know if there’s a zombie outbreak. But yet, you have 30 people agencies that are using disconnected tools to try to piece together the various parts of their business with massive failure rates.

Just because not every business can afford a multi-million dollar SaaS product, doesn’t mean that they should be left behind. It’s almost 2018: it’s time for technology to serve everyone and not just the Fortune 500!

Introducing Service Operations Automation

The cloud has changed how businesses can run, it has made it possible for automation around both marketing and sales. But automation shouldn't stop there, nor be in multiple disconnected systems. Introducing ServOps, a single, easy-to-use system to centrally manage every piece of client work across marketing, sales, projects, requests & services, contracts & retainers, and billing.

The goal of ServOps technology is to answer the questions that determine business growth:

What happened today?

Who on the team was productive?

Which projects were profitable?

How can my business be most successful tomorrow?

ServOps systems are intelligent beyond pulling in data and calculating timelines in the background; they also use new cutting-edge technology to intelligently understand what is going on and help people run their business, with ease.

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Accelo is your ServOps Answer

Current tools that fail to answer all of these questions are not the best solutions. Through my work at SAP,  I saw and used many of their products, and like most enterprise-level products, it was clunky with little thought to UI.

What we’re doing differently at Accelo is using automation technology to capture what our users are doing in their day to day work and input it for them.

It really is ‘smart technology'!

As our users are emailing a client, working on a project, or booking a meeting all that gets automatically captured without them having to do anything or think back to what they did to enter a timesheet. On top of that, Accelo can intelligently forecast profitability and manage budgets in real-time, so that people running a service business always have insights into the health of their operations.

For me, the interesting bit of what Accelo can do lies within machine learning and AI - which is a major trend for 2018. Accelo can tell you when something is going wrong with a project and even predict a problem before it occurs. For example, the system will identify a project that is similar to another where only 5% of people have logged time or even looked at the project timeline. The system will note this by identifying patterns within projects and flag issues like this to the account stakeholder so that every project runs smoothly and on budget. This way, you can focus on your clients while Accelo handles the rest.

Put simply, ServOps will cut the bulk of your admin duties around running a client project and service business and help you get back to the work you love. Click here to start your free trial today!

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