Preventing GSuite Email Bouncebacks

30-Sep 2020

Accelo GSuite Users benefit from having an integration where they can quickly and effortlessly capture their Gmail communication. Our Integration will periodically check your Inbox for new messages to sync into Accelo.

However, over the years, Google has offered various methods for forwarding communication onto an Accelo capture address. One of these methods involved enabling routing messages at the end-user level, and including an Accelo capture address as a destination for emails received from clients:

The problem with this approach is that Google has recently deprecated these end-user routing settings. Any Accelo user who still has them configured runs the risk of receiving an email from a Contact and having that Contact get a less than professional bounce message from Google, even though the message has been successfully delivered. This error message references the Accelo domain that is listed in the routing settings:

In order to avoid these bounceback messages, we encourage all Accelo G Suite users to remove any end-user routing rules and configure their Outbound and Inbound email sync according to our Google Email Capture Guide. This will ensure that the robust Accelo GSuite integration continues to work well for your company and most importantly, your customers. 

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