Preview of the Accelo Redesign [Video]

12-Nov 2015

Today we hosted a webinar that took users on a tour of the new redesign that we've been busy working on the last few months. Some of the exciting new design features include our new easy-to-use navigation menu, global search, sleek dashboards, and more. We are working through the final touches towards completion, just in time for our release next week!

In addition to the exciting new UI, we also gave a preview of the new Utilization and Profitability Reporting that's coming just around the corner. For those who couldn't make the session, we've uploaded a video recording to YouTube (and embedded it below).



If you want to skip ahead to a specific section, here's the timestamps of the main sections:

  • 01:05 - Introduction & Background
  • 05:20 - Demo of the new Redesign
  • 35:11 - Utilization and Profitability Reporting

If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below or send an email through to


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