Attention: Microsoft Partners

Product Update: Microsoft Partners

2-Aug 2019
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Important Updates for Microsoft Partners

Microsoft recently implemented a change to their security requirements for Microsoft Partners, Resellers, and Advisors which affects the way that these users connect apps like Accelo to Office 365.  

This change now requires that all partners use multi-factor authentication when logging in to Office 365, and deprecates App-Specific Passwords. For users of Accelo's Exchange integration, which does not support multi-factor authentication for Office 365, this prevents users from connecting their accounts to sync their email, calendar, contacts, and tasks with Accelo. This may also affect you if you've previously connected the Exchange integration using an app-specific password. 

Not to worry! The Office 365 integration was created specifically to address issues like these. This new integration offers similar functionality to that of the Exchange integration by syncing your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks with Accelo, all with the added benefit of a faster, more robust sync of information based on Microsoft's new Graph API. The integration is currently in the final phase of its beta program, meaning that we're working to put the finishing touches on this new product before it's made available to all Accelo users. In light of this event, however, we're excited to offer special access to the new Office 365 integration to all of our current Microsoft Partner users to help sync your information, and get you and your team back to doing the work you love, as quickly as possible.

How do I know if I'm affected?

This change affects anyone who is a Microsoft Certified Partner, Microsoft Reseller, or Microsoft Advisor. 

How do I get started with the Office 365 integration?

Send a message to Our team will enable the integration, and work with you to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

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