Projects Module Upgrade - Scheduled Maintenance this weekend

31-Jan 2014

This weekend we’re rolling out our new Projects Module to all Accelo accounts. The culmination of more than 4 months of work by our engineering team, a lot is changing with this upgrade - both in the user interface you can see and also under the hood. To make sure the upgrade goes smoothly, we’re going to have a period of scheduled maintenance, during which your account may be unavailable for a few of minutes. Because we have so many thousands of accounts to upgrade this window is fairly long, but your account may be unavailable for only a few minutes.

Our maintenance window this weekend is scheduled to fall in the following local timezones:

  • San Francisco: 3pm Saturday to 1am Sunday
  • Chicago: 5pm Saturday to 3am Sunday
  • New York: 6pm Saturday to 4am Sunday
  • London: 11pm Saturday to 9am Sunday
  • Berlin/Paris: 12am to 10am Sunday
  • Cape Town: 1am Sunday to 11am Sunday
  • Dubai/Moscow: 3am to 1pm Sunday
  • Singapore/Perth: 7am to 5pm Sunday
  • Sydney: 10am to 8pm Sunday
  • Auckland: 12pm to 10pm Sunday

If you want to follow up with the upgrade as it progresses, follow our @alstatus account on Twitter, and if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.

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