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Q&A Time: Accelo Chats with 3 Media Web

Aug 18 2017 read

We caught up with 3 Media Web's founder, Marc Avila, for a quick Q&A about his company's growth and success since switching to smart automation - take a look:

Q. Firstly Marc, what's it like to work at 3 Media Web?

A. We really want to foster an environment where everyone is treated like an adult and can make their own decisions. We don’t track vacation or sick time and let people be accountable for their own time. As long as the work is getting done, clients are happy and we are moving forward, that is all that matters.

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Q. When it comes to running an agency, what are your greatest pain points?

A. Managing growth, putting a process in place in order to streamline the business, and having the right information available to everyone that needs it.

Q. What caused your biggest headaches prior to implementing Accelo?

A. Using several different platforms to manage customer data, support requests, sales prospects, billing, etc. Everything was always very spread out and trying to do simple things was a major pain. We were using WHMCS (billing platform for hosting/domains), QuickBooks, Cerb (support system), Asana (Task management), and a few others. I was on the lookout for better tools and happened to stumble across Accelo...

"I found it was the right tool since it would allow us to truly have one application to run the majority of our business."

Q. What excited you most about Accelo?  

A. I got really excited when I read it was geared toward professional services and I fell in love with the invoicing process and the central communication for everyone in the company.

Q. What modules within Accelo do you use the most, and why?

A. We use the Tickets and Retainers. We couldn't live without the retainer module since that essentially runs our retainer clients. Now, we can manage the time we spend on client retainers without losing money. Also, the Triggers help us automate notifications and other aspects of our processes.

Q. How has Accelo improved your day-to-day workflow?

A. We are able to track time we spend on client retainers and also client projects much better than we have before, and I can see in real time when tasks or projects are going over budget. Generating invoices used to take several hours and was very laborious.

"Now we can generate invoices in a few minutes each month!"

Q. Has Accelo put you on a fast-track path to success?

A. Yes, Accelo has helped us double our business in the last two years!

Founded in 2001, 3 Media Web has evolved into a leading web design, web development, and digital marketing agency run out of Massachusetts, USA. Guided by the direction of its founder Marc Avila, this top-notch business is pumping out projects like never before, all with the help of Accelo.

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