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Rebooting Accelo's Ideas Forum

23-May 2019
Molly Flynn

Accelo is a big product built to solve a big problem: streamlining and automating service operations so our clients can run their business with less effort and more success.

With thousands of customers across dozens of industries, we rely heavily on ideas and insights from our users in order to improve our product. However, since no two businesses are the same, it means an individual perspective/idea often needs a lot of clarification, discovery and exploration to ensure we go on to create a solution that works for more than a single business or team. In the past we've had a tendency to engage with our users in siloed channels - emails, calls, etc - which has made it harder to uncover areas of overlap and has sometimes left other clients in the dark when instead they could be contributing valuable insights and perspectives too.

Beginning today, we will be using our Ideas Forum - which has been in place for several years - to publicly review, discuss and prioritize improvements to Accelo. We've re-invested in the Ideas Forum from both a people and financial perspective so that this channel will become the primary way we engage to understand user stories and allow our users feel both informed and involved in our development process.

Of course, there's a fine balance to strike in this process - creation by committee never works well. To keep things grounded, we've also today published our philosophy and process for reviewing and actioning product feedback in our Product Feedback & Ideas Framework - it is recommended, but not essential reading, and will be what we use to manage our process and guide expectations.

If you've got any comments or questions, feel free to comment below or email support@accelo.com.

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