New Year. New You.

Reduce Stress and Reach Your Goals in 2018

4-Jan 2018
Tech for Business

Get healthy.

Spend more time with family.

Go on at least one holiday.

Sound familiar? These are popular New Years resolutions among service professionals across the globe. But sadly, they're rarely ever resolved.

Why? Because client work gets put before personal health and relationships - which results in more stress that ultimately pushes you further away from achieving your New Years goal.

In fact, a report found that in the US alone:

  • 1,000,000 employees skip work every day because of stress.

  • Having a ‘heavy workload’ is the top stressor for people in the workplace.

  • Stress accounts for $300 billion in lost productivity every year!

The takeaway? Stress hurts your bottom line and state of mind. So, how do you avoid this from happening at your company in 2018? Invest in a service operations automation platform like Accelo - so that you can reach your New Years goal, plus:

Get Real-Time Visibility

If your data is spread out between different tools, it’s hard to get a clear view of what’s actually happening inside your business - which only makes you more stressed. But, what if you had a smart platform that could show you how profitable you are, in real-time? The right business operations software will give you the company-wide transparency you need to schedule resources more efficiently, double down on certain projects (or pull back), and make sure you and your team’s workloads are manageable - so that everyone can work optimally.

Distribute Work Evenly

With the addition of a team schedule or calendar, you’ll always know who is working on what (and when) so that you can allocate tasks accordingly and avoid burn-out. That way, everyone's working more efficiently without taking on more work, and you don’t need to worry about missing an important deadline.

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Eliminate Repetition

Setup recurring contracts for work you complete on a regular basis and automate your business rates with retainer types. This is a simple way to manage ongoing services so you don't get bunkered down by repetitive admin work. Auto-populating retainer fields with billable materials, rates, and allowances for each client will also fast-track the billing process for you and your team - so you never have to stress over who’s getting paid, and when, again.

Simplify Your Billing Process

Did you know that using a smart automation platform could cut your invoicing cycle by 70%? Instead of chasing down clients for outstanding invoices, schedule an email statement to be sent out automatically when client work is marked as complete. A smart payment process like this will get you paid faster, so you don't need to stress about having money in the bank. Most importantly, your smart platform will predict (and alert you of) any stressful situations before they occur - like when your projects are going over budget - so all you need to do is focus on the task at hand.

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These automated and integrated processes are going to help you stay on track without adding any more stress to your everyday workflows. So what are you waiting for? Click here to start your free trial today and get back to doing the work you love, all while reaching your 2018 goals.

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