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24-May 2012 • Product

Accelo is Proud and Excited to Announce the Recent Addition of a Sales Dashboard!

Accelo is excited to announce the most recent addition to their ever-expanding, comprehensive business management system. Starting today, users and trial members will now have access to the new Sales Dashboard feature. Which, aside from summing-up your business's current activities surrounding your sales, the dashboard also provides users with a range of helpful graphs based on their data. Now take advantage of Accelo's Pipeline Forecaster, Sales Funnel, and more, at no additional cost! Below you can find a more detailed explanation, including examples, of all the new features Accelo's Sales Dashboard has to offer.


The Sales (aka Prospects) Dashboard allows users to review either specific incidences, or all aspects surrounding their sales activities at once, using the filter at the top left corner of the dashboard.

The Sales Funnel and Pipeline Forecasting tools allow users to track all open or active sales, through each step of their sales process to ensure maximum efficiency, and the best customer experience possible.

Pipeline Forecast

This graph displays sales revenue forecasts for the next 5 months. Each column represents the combined value of revenue from sales due in that month. To see each individual value, simply hover your mouse over the desired column, or just click-through to see the detailed correlating sales record!

The pipeline value for each sale is calculated by its original value multiplied by its progress. It calculates how far along in the sales process they are, also taking into account the likelihood of each prospect resulting in a sale.

For example, if you have one sale due in June, with a value of $5,000, and it has progressed to reach 40% likely to purchase, then that column would total $2,000. Of course, it is likely you will have several sales due each month, so the progress value for each sale is summed-up and totaled to give the final figure for each column.

Also, to help organize those sales that don't directly fall into these categories, like sales without a due date, the system will automatically file it in the 'No due-date' column, or similarly, if something was due last month, it will automatically be stored in the 'Overdue' column, once it reaches that status. Accelo makes it so that nothing can sneak in under the user's radar by making you conscious and prepared for all activity past, current, or future, taking place in their business.

How to Read the Chart:

-The Pipeline value is the sum of the column values (which are scaled by their progress),

- The Total Value is simply summing-up the value of every sale in the pipeline.

Giving users an insight into their sales cycle, the Sales Funnel graph helps them detect any problem areas - such as a high number of sales that are lagging in the 60-79%segment- that otherwise, might have gone unnoticed. You can click through any segment to view the correlating sales records in more detail.

The start of the funnel is the wider blue selection which displays all of the sales that have only progressed up through the first 19%n of their sales process. Note that the progress for a sale can be changed by selecting a new status progression for that sale.

The monetary value against each segment is a sum of the progress value (explained above) for all sales in that particular progress range. It's completely normal for the top segment to have a lower value even though there are many sales - this is because their values are multiplied by something less than 20%, resulting in a lower total value for that segment of the funnel.


This section of the Dashboard is helpful for reviewing sales records currently labeled (underlying status) as won, cancelled, abandoned, or lost. You can filter results to review performance by either staff member, company or the types of sales you are using.

The performance table allows user to analzye sales over a selected period of time. For example, you can filter by Staff and Last Month, to see how many sales were updated via the status progressions to be "Won", "Lost" or are still "Open" for your sales staff in that period, as well as their value. The center column displaying a percentage indicates their success rate.

Note that the staff results are currently arranged by their success rate percentage (%). Users may consider someone with a lower success rate but higher Won value to be more successful!

Pie Chart Performance

The "Won Sales" option for the pie chart illustrates which sales your staff members have performed their best in, in terms of the value of the sales they won in that time period. It is simply graphing the figures shown in the "Won" column of the performance table.

Similarly, the "Open Sales" option will reveal which staff members have the highest value of sales currently open/active.


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