Schedule Dashboard: Edit time in-line

Schedule Dashboard: Edit on-the-fly

31-Aug 2018

In a services business, where there's often multiple projects on the go and urgent tickets flowing in, priorities can shift quickly and you need a scheduling tool which can adapt accordingly. We've just made another big stride here by enhancing the Schedule Dashboard screen to allow on-the-fly editing & removing of time that has been auto-allocated or committed to your users. This update is a neat complement to the recent Schedule Bookings feature release

giffy edit2

To see and edit these individual allocations, firstly select a cell in the main dashboard grid to open the right-hand panel - which provides a detailed view of the scheduled work and tasks for that day/week. Simply expand the milestones, tickets or task headings to see individual allocations that can be tinkered with.

As previewed in the gif above, it's now easy to convert an auto-allocation to a committed one - locking in the expected work for that day. Once you have committed some of that time, the auto allocation will disappear - with any excess auto time being re-distributed to the other days available for that task. 

Of course if you opt to delete the committed time - via the little x that appears on hover - it will convert back to the automatic allocation.

Editing Committed Time

For users who have already gone through creating bunches of committed time, you can of course click in to edit the amount of time - and can even enter 1h 30m and we'll translate that to 01:30.

edit comm

Removing Auto-Scheduled Time

You might also spot that in some cases, the auto time allocation can also be deleted - which can be handy if you have several small auto allocations which are just getting in the way; deleting them will re-shuffle the time to other days.

Deleting this time is possible as long as other days are available for the time to be redistributed over. E.g. if the task is overdue, you won't be allowed to remove the auto allocation. Like-wise if the task starts and end on the same day.

remove auto

Note: If there's committed and auto-time for the same day, you'll need to edit the existing commitment rather than trying to edit/convert the auto allocation ;-)

What's next?

While editing the yellow scheduled (meeting) activities isn't possible here yet, we're exploring ways to support this too - which needs to handle adjusting start/end times and consider multiple attendees too!

If you do have any feedback or questions about this new functionality - which is only available in the Premium tiers of Accelo - please reach out via

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