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ServOps: The Platform You've Always Needed

30-Nov 2018 • Building Revenue

Earlier this year, Hubspot published their 2018 Agency Growth Report, stating that 40% of agencies using project management software need a better tool to support and improve operations. We relate; what they're missing is ServOps: an integrated system that automates administrative work and simplifies business processes.

What is ServOps?

Service Operations Automation, otherwise known as ServOps, is a cloud-based project management solution that combines sales, project planning, service, and retainers in one platform.

Benefits of an automated platform:

As a small to medium-sized business, you and your employees are probably overextended. Running to stand still isn't sustainable; deliverables and deadlines suffer, but working hard doesn't have to mean burning out. Automating business operations allows you to focus on the work you love and let go of administrative tasks, saving you time and money.

Making Money Moves:

Accelo's Retainer Module allows you to set up recurring invoices and contracts for your clients. Attach service tickets an invoice, and easily bill for time spent on emails and tickets. Working on retainer? Setup notifications before a project is over-budget.

Easy Project Planning:

Within our Project Module, you can get started with drag-and-drop Gantt charts, collaborate with coworkers, and track overall progress. See who is over-worked and who is under-work on the Team Calendar and assign projects and tasks accordingly.

Simple Integrated Systems:

ServOps works with the tools you already use: Hubspot, Xero, and Quickbooks, to name a few. No more disorganized Excel spreadsheets. Connect your clients, team, and important data in one central place. 

Contra, a Digital Agency in the UK, brought together their marketing, accounting and project management tools, which streamlined their operations and automated busywork. This saved the company more than 12 hours of lost time every week! The increase of the number of billable hours logged each week was 15 percent - money that goes straight to Contra's bottom line.

If you're tired of your project management tool and disorganized processes then try a free trial of Accelo today.

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