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23-Jan 2013 • Product

Accelo is a complex product - there's no denying it. One of our biggest challenges is building features that are helpful, intuitive and good looking. We love adding new features - and quickly - but it's important to share ideas around the team before charging into design and development.

We receive loads of feedback - and we're grateful for it. When considering new features and improvements, we consider what our end clients really need, and whether those needs fit into our product vision (which is also shaped through customer development conversations).

So why did the feature below get built ahead of so many others?

  • There was a clear need for it
  • It complemented existing features
  • The requirements were well established
  • The data necessary was already available to our developers
  • The development cost compared to end-user benefit was good.

Those are just a few of the key reasons our development team were able to pick up this idea and deliver a feature so quickly. I hope that sharing this helps communicate our development approach : )

P.S. You can submit feedback and suggestions at and we'll do our best to review and at least provide a response.

Tracking component progress from the Project View screen

Until now, this list on the left-hand-side of a project screen would only show the budget usage. This is great for seeing the value of work logged against each component, but if a component is at 76% used this doesn't mean it is 76% complete. Compare the "Planning" component below.

While 76% of the budget has been consumed, the progress is at 43%. This data has always been visible when clicking through to view the component, but now you can easily see the progress of all components from this list!

The reason that progress can be different lies in the estimation of time remaining on a task (or several tasks) against the component. In this case, the tasks within the "Planning" component have had their time re-estimated beyond the budget of the component.

So how is the 43% calculated? It's simply the Work Logged divided by the Total Hours (Work Logged + Time Remaining)

This new view can be helpful in identifying components that may have been under-budgeted, may have had extra tasks created against them, or where the users assigned are simply taking too long to complete their work!

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