Small Change, Big Improvement: Redesigned Activity Screen

15-Apr 2015

Today our team released a minor, but an important enhancement to Accelo. We’ve redesigned the screen that creates activities. Since activities are at the heart of so many essential parts of how you work - sending emails, scheduling meetings, logging time, making notes - we hope this small change is going to have a big positive impact on your daily workflow.

The new Add Activity screen has three main changes:

  1. The ability to re-estimate time on tasks
  2. The ability to change status of tasks
  3. A redesign to bring the subject and body content together

Re-estimating Time Remaining on a Task

When it comes to project management, there's nothing worse than finding out after a project has gone over budget that more needs to be done. That's why one of Accelo's most popular features is the real-time feedback, which allows team members (who are doing the work) to inform project managers (who are managing the projects and budgets) on how the project is progressing.


Intelligently Accelo re-estimates the time remaining on any task - be it as part of a project, or against a ticket/issue, or as work being done in a contract/retainer - you'll be able to see how things are tracking against budgets while there's still time to get out in front of them. You'll also be able to see the Team Scheduling forecast update with future workloads in real time. This way, if things are looking good and running under budget the schedule of the person assigned to the task will lighten up, and if the opposite happens you'll see their load increase.

Change Status of a Task

With this upgrade, you'll be able to easily to see the current status of the task and change the task's status - all without leaving the activity creation window.


Bringing the Subject and Body Together

The third - and arguably most visually obvious improvement to the create activity screen involves us moving the subject into the "body" area of the activity. While form fields have their place, it is much nicer to be writing an email or entering a work log in a flow - which is why we've moved the subject down into the body area, saving vertical space and making the add activity screen all the more pleasing to the eye.

By moving the "meta" info about the activity into the top section and bringing the subject into the large area with the body, you're now able to have a better "flow" or saying who the activity is to, optionally choosing a task and selecting how you want to estimate time, and then provide all of your content together before rounding out the activity with any attachments and time entry.

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