Sneak Peek of the new Profitability Dashboard: Webinar

22-Jan 2016

As promised in our Q1 priorities blog post, our first big release for 2016 is our brand new Profitability Dashboard! Anyone running a business knows how important profitability is to success - and even survival! The way most businesses track profitability today is a bit like driving by looking through your rear view mirror - the accounting team gives you a report at the end of the month (or quarter!) telling you how the business did, and you're left trying to adjust to information that is always weeks or months out to date while at the same time business is moving faster and faster than ever!

With the new Profitability Dashboard, all of this changes. You'll be able to see how profitable the business is in real time, taking into account both the profitability of your team's billable time against both the time they log or the time they're working. While we're not able to keep an eye on your stationery cabinet, the fact that labor costs make up the vast majority of the costs in a professional service business and the fact you can actually do something about utilization and profitability if only you had the information means that this dashboard promises to be the most powerful tool you've had in business in a very long time.

To get a sneak peek at this amazing new dashboard, and have your questions about how it works and how you can use it answered live, join our special webinars next Wednesday the 27th of January (or Thursday the 28th if you're on the Asia-Pacific side of the dateline). Check out the list of webinar times and click on the link below to reserve your place - we're looking forward to seeing you there!  

Screen Shot 2016 01 21 at 2.23.00 PM

To reserve your place, click on the webinar time that suits you best from the list below:

  • San Francisco – Wednesday at 8am and 4pm

  • Chicago - Wednesday at 10am

  • New York - Wednesday at 11am

  • London - Wednesday at 4pm

  • Berlin/Paris - Wednesday at 5pm

  • Cape Town – Wednesday at 6pm

  • Moscow – Wednesday at 7pm

  • Dubai – Wednesday at 8pm

  • Singapore/Perth – Thursday at 8am

  • Sydney - Thursday at 11am

  • Auckland - Thursday at 1pm

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