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Sneak Peek: Custom Logo & Colors in Accelo

7-Dec 2018 • Product

Surprise! Accelo has a special gift for all of you this December! Be the first to see the latest feature by joining us, Wednesday, December 12th, Thursday the 13th if you're in Asia-Pac, for an exclusive Sneak Peek at the new Custom Logo & Colors feature in Accelo.

Hosted by our CEO, Geoff McQueen, this interactive webinar will demonstrate how you'll soon be able to customize the look and feel of your Accelo account from a personalized color scheme to display your company logo proudly in the top left corner of your account.

Register for the sneak peek webinar today using the links below!

  • San Francisco (8am or 2pm on Wednesday)

  • Chicago (10am on Wednesday)

  • New York (11am on Wednesday)

  • London (4pm on Wednesday)

  • Berlin (5pm on Wednesday)

  • Cape Town (6pm on Wednesday)

  • Moscow (7pm on Wednesday)

  • Dubai (8pm on Wednesday)

  • Singapore (6am on Thursday)

  • Sydney (9am on Thursday

  • Auckland (11am on Thursday)

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