Sneak Peek Invitation: New Client Portal

28-Oct 2013

After a lot of hard work over a number of months, we’re almost ready to launch the new Client Portal into your Accelo account. To give you a sneak peek of what’s just around the corner, I’d like to invite you along to a special webinar later this week.

The highlights of this massively upgrade include:

  • More fully customize the look and feel of your client portal, with custom images and a lot of controls over colors.
  • Allow clients to see more (or less) information on the projects, issues, retainers and even sales connected to them with powerful permissions.
  • Introduction of a new signoff that allows you and your team to send files to clients and get them to approve them digitally and securely.
  • Be more collaborative with your clients; they can now create tasks, upload attachments and make notes against projects, issues and more.
  • Encourage self-service and peer invitations, with clients able to update their own account info and invite their colleagues to use the client portal.

I can’t wait to show you the exciting new stuff we’ve been building; to reserve your place, click on the webinar time that suits you best from the list below:

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