Team Scheduling - Now 50% More Awesome!

18-Dec 2014

The year might almost be over, but our engineering team aren't done yet! Today, we're excited to announce a major upgrade to our newly launched Team Scheduling module - in addition to being insanely useful for moving work around between the schedules of your team, you're now able assign work to people too! Going from two insanely useful columns to three, this screen is now (at least) 50% more awesome!

For our many users who've loved the new Team Schedule but said "How can I assign work to people from a list", here is your answer (or the first part of it at least).

team scheduling three col

When you arrive on the Team Schedule page, you'll see a list of tasks in the left hand side. These tasks can then be dragged and dropped onto the schedules of your colleagues, making it easy to schedule things into their calendars or commit work for their day.

team scheduling lhs focus

Just like with re-scheduling or moving time between people, any tasks that you "schedule" between a certain start and end time (the yellow blocks) will be pushed to the user's synced Google or Outlook/Office365 calendar, making it super easy to schedule work for your colleagues.

Similarly, any tasks that you "commit" for a person on a given day (the bright blue blocks of time) will be dropped onto their schedule and automatically become part of their timesheet. The time you commit is also automatically removed from the "auto" blocks (the bright green blocks of time) that lives on the schedule of the user who's been assigned the task.

If you've ever wished for a screen where you could see how busy a group of people are, and then drag & drop a task to assign it to them, this new feature is just what you've been waiting for - you can simply drag & drop a task onto a user and choose Reassign or Split Task, making your scheduling and work assignment efforts easier (and more real-time) than ever.

Of course, the list of tasks on the left hand side is completely in your control. While we'll load up a few recently started (and still incomplete) tasks by default, you can go in and "Edit" the criteria and filters for the task list, and if you've set up pre-saved filters (which you can set via the "Show All" link under Tasks in the main nav of Accelo), you can pull up those lists with a simple click.

team scheduling lhs edit

Finally, there's a bit space in the top left next to the "Tasks" tab for a reason - early in 2015 we'll be adding options for Sales, Projects, Tickets/Issues and Contracts/Retainers, so you can see all of your open work there and get the same drag & drop assignment magic on them too.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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