Technical Updates

By Sarah Khogyani
Oct 11 2012 read

After a long night of technical fixes, we’ve updated a few things about Accelo we think you should know about.

Where did my action go? 


We've removed the “save & action” button from the add diary in an attempt to reduce clutter. This button was created before we had tasks, and is now essentially obsolete. The save button has the same functionality as the old “save & action” button, so you won’t have to worry about your information being lost. Cheers to cutting down and leaning up!

Are you sure you want to delete that client?


When you delete a client, you will delete everything connected to them, and we want to make sure you understand that it cannot be undone.  This can involve large amounts of content and takes time to complete.  As such, we let you get on with your work while the deletion takes place and send you a notification email when the deletion is complete.  These notification emails now also include the client's name to help keep everything clear in case you delete several clients in a row.

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