Blog Series: Run Your Agency's Ops Like A Pro

The 3-Step Process to Run Your Agency's Operations Like a Well-Oiled Machine: Part 1 of 4

17-Jul 2019

We've made it, we're halfway into the year! High fives all around. But, as we close the door on Q2 initiatives and handle quarterly business reviews (QBRs), your manager turns to you wondering what's the game plan to kick off Q3 to ensure the agency reaches quarterly goals, makes company strides of growth, and finishes off the year strong. 

In a recent survey, small and medium business (SMB) owners and leaders believe that Sales, Customer Service, and Operations hold the most crucial roles for SMB's success. And the second most common growth challenge is meeting customer experience expectations. Taking that into consideration, as you plan for the latter half of the year, you have to prioritize what's most important to your agency—the operations you have in place and your potential and current customers.

We've determined three key steps to drive your agency's operations successfully and deliver the best work for your clients. In this four-part blog series, we'll dive further into these critical functions and review how to seamlessly work through the steps implementing Accelo's software. 

Step 1: Planning

The reality is, projects will never go exactly according to plan each time. In our next entry, we'll share how to leverage Accelo's wide project planning capabilities to plan your projects in a way that can adapt to the changes that will inevitably occur.

Step 2: Scheduling

Once the plan is laid out it's time to bring in your key players. In this blog, we will review Accelo's resource utilization, scheduling tools, and powerful integrations to proactively schedule your team, meet client expectations, and fulfill project goals.

Step 3: Time Tracking

Tracking the work you're completing along the way is essential to being profitable. The final blog of the series will steer you away from filling out timesheets haphazardly; instead, we will discuss how to instantly capture your time with Accelo's automated timesheets accurately and with ease.

Get the most out of the three-step process and try Accelo! By utilizing Accelo throughout the entire process, you can focus on what matters the most to your agency: your clients, streamlining your operations, making projects truly collaborative, and doing the work you love - all the while continuously delivering the best service you can.

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