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The 8 Factors Dictating Success in the New Year

2-Dec 2017

When it comes to running a successful business, you need one system (not various tools) that give you the insights you need for growth. This means having a primary management platform that unites your data, clients, and team - all in one place.

With Accelo, you’ll be able to succeed in the following eight key growth areas: 

1. Communication

If you can stay connected with your clients, then you're likely to retain their business. What's a simple way of doing this? Sync your personal and professional email accounts so that no message ever goes unanswered. Alternatively, invest in a smarter sales platform that integrates with iOS and/or Android. That way, you’re always connected to your clients and team, even when working on-the-fly.

2. Project Management

Projects rarely ever go to plan, so you need a system in place that's flexible enough to adapt to change. You may also want to invest in a tool that offers dynamic Gantt charts - that way, you always have access to a real-time overview of your client work, plus the ability to ‘drag and drop’ project milestones into new time slots.

3. Sales

You’ve closed the deal, but you need a system in place that lets you manage this sale from prospect to close, with ease! Imagine if you could convert your original quote into a project within minutes? Well, with the right smart platform you can. You’ll even have the ability to convert a completed project it into an invoice with just a few clicks - it's never been so easy.

4. Service

Great service equals great profits, right? One way of improving your service is to set automated ‘triggers’ or notifications to touch base with valuable customers or clients. Not only will this boost your reputation, but it will help you retain their business for lasting growth.

5. Retainers

Once you've won over all those happy clients you’ll want them to stick around, right? Use retainers to save client contracts (or project templates) for people you do work for on a regular basis. That way, you'll save the time it takes to create that same document every time the client is brought on board - time that can now be spent on revenue-generating tasks. 

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6. Time Tracking

It sounds so simple (and probably repetitive) but tracking time spent in meetings, calls, and in your inbox is critical! If you’re not working in a  system that automatically tracks the minutes or hours you spend in these places, then you could have significant revenue - as much as $82,000 - falling through the cracks.

7. Resourcing

It's hard to predict what's going to happen in your day and week, let alone your entire teams. That's why you need a team scheduling dashboard that gives you an overview of your entire team's calendars, so you always know who is working on what, and when. You’ll also see who on your team is being underutilized so that you can assign them the work you no longer have time for.

8. Billing

Everyone dreads this part - but you shouldn't have to. Technology has advanced in a way that lets you send and receive payments in an instant. If you're using an accounting tool like Xero or Quickbooks, integrate this with your primary business management system so that every transaction is automatically recorded in one place. 

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