The 'Add Client' Screen Gets a Makeover

By Sarah
Mar 27 2013 read

As a part of the everyday feature-building and improvements to Accelo, there are also always some minor changes that are made to enhance our users' experience. Entering data into the 'Add a Contact' screen is now a much more user-friendly and fluid process - congratulations to Alex one of our newest team members for taking this one between the teeth and giving this important screen a much needed upgrade! 

Creating One or Multiple Contacts At Once

When you're creating a company/client record in Accelo, you also need to provide a first point of contact. Prior to the improvements, this required way too many clicks and hitting save twice. Now, if you want to add additional contacts (because you just got handed 4 business cards at a meeting), you can do it all in one screen with the "Add new" button.

We've also provided a real-time search and lookup to prevent any duplicate contacts. Accelo will tell you if someone with the same name is already in your database, and if it turns out they're the same person, linking them becomes easy!

Linking Existing Contacts to a New Company

While any growing business is always adding new contacts, there are also times when a person you're working with moves to a new company. Because you have a history (and important info) with this contact already, you can now re-link that contact to a new company easily. 

The great news is that Accelo supports this, and with the upgrades to the add company screen, it is easier than ever. Simply click on "Link Existing" from under the contact box, and then you're able to search for any contacts already in Accelo.

After searching, you'll be shown a list of matches. If you find the person you want, you can click on "link" and bring them into this new company you're creating.

Because you're linking an existing contact, you don't need to enter their name information, but since they've probably got a new email address and phone number after changing jobs, you're able to easily enter that information. 

Of course, you can mix and match all from one screen - adding new contacts, as well as linking existing ones, to make the process of getting clients into Accelo as quick and easy as possible.

Bonus time-saver: Google Address Search

This feature has actually been in Accelo for a month or two and came out of Crespo's work at a recent hack day. We know how tedious entering data is, and the only thing worse than data entry is inaccurate data entry (you've spent time and energy and you're still wrong!)

To make this a lot easier, we've implemented Google's Address Search feature. To use it, you just start typing in an address naturally (starting with the street, then the city, etc). In real time, we search Google's address database (the one that powers Google Maps, so it is pretty damn extensive) and show you a list of results. When you click on it, we copy the matched details down into the Accelo address fields (you can touch it up later by adding Suite numbers and things), saving a bunch of data entry and cutting down on errors!

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