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The Benefits Of Using Xero with Accelo

13-Feb 2019

Companies that take the time to invest and put their focus on utilizing smart technology earn double the average revenue per client. However, it's worth noting, not all technology platforms are alike. They won’t all make your life easier and offer such striking results.

With Accelo automation, you’re working on a platform that offers real-time access to information, and this is one thing that you shouldn’t compromise on cloud-based automation. It’s important to have the systems that work for you, storing the information you need and making it accessible for when you need it.

Xero and Accelo

Xero is a financial platform that works with Accelo to provide real-time updates. This means that information which has been updated in Xero is automatically reflected on Accelo, even when the changes have been made by a client or coworker.

Having accurate and up-to-date data decreases the time normally spent trying to get updates from staff or co-workers. Utilizing automation also ensures that whenever you need to tap into work or get back to a client you have all the tools necessary to do so. 

Benefits of the integration: 

  • Seamless management of customer data:

    • The Accelo and Xero integration imports all of the customer information you need. This includes current and historical data and their contact information. If a co-worker or employee updates customer data on Xero it will automatically be updated for you on Accelo.

  • Easy invoicing:

    • Invoicing is a necessary evil for many professional service owners. It takes up a big chunk of time, but you have to put in some elbow grease to show your client what was worked on. With Xero and Accelo, invoicing is simple. Inventory items, ledger codes, tax codes, and tracking categories-- all necessary for accurate invoicing.  

One reason clients love Accelo is that we sync seamlessly with their favorite tools: Xero, G-Suite, and Office365. The Xero and Accelo integration were created with you in mind. It works with you, and for accountants. Utilizing technology keeps your firm competitive. Clients love cloud-based technology. Try out Acceo and utilize cloud-based integrations today with a free trial.

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