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The Biggest Agency Trend In 2018: Client Work Management

Jan 23 2018 read
In case you haven’t noticed, 2018 is ramping up to be a huge year for digital marketers.

Why? Because of new tech trends changing the way you and your teamwork. The likes of AR, VR, voice marketing, and live video (just to name a few) are all popular trends affecting the industry you’re in… But, have you heard of Accelo?

Client work management is a new category of technology designed for digital agencies to provide affordable and easy-to-use systems that scale as your company grows and streamline your operations to boost utilization, increase revenue and get you back to doing the work you love!

“Client work management is your common sense solution to the challenges we all face working at a digital agency."

"It’s the one platform that can truly handle all of the work that needs to be done,” said Bill Casey, founder of WSOL, a digital agency run out of Chicago.

Like many others in the creative industry, Bill had tried and failed with various disparate tools and outdated technology. He was so fed up with traditional software that he even tried to build his own solution that could help him manage a growing business with ease.

“I desperately needed something that could track time, client communications, invoicing, and budgets,” said Bill.

Once WSOL realized that a client work management platform could do exactly that, Bill implemented it right away. As a result, he was able to capture every minute he spent on client work - writing emails, on calls, in meetings - to recover revenue that he previously had falling through the cracks.

Now, Bill can even stop & start timers from his mobile device when working on the go, or setup intelligent geofences so that a timer automatically starts when he enters a client's office (genius, right?). That way, he’s able to focus on the revenue-generating work he loves to do while Accelo takes care of the rest!

“To fully understand our business, we also needed to connect our marketing with our operations, to see exactly where we were succeeding and where we were failing,” said Bill.

This gap in technology is a problem that many marketers, still today, struggle with - because if your marketing and operations aren’t connected, then how can you seamlessly nurture new contacts from Lead to Revenue?

Accelo supports an integration with HubSpot - so that marketers like you and Bill can finally automate and connect marketing, accounting, and operations together (for the better). For example, when key actions happen with a contact in Accelo - a new project created, a ticket resolved, or other object changing status - HubSpot will be updated in real time, giving you instant and effortless visibility into client operations.


“Before Accelo integrated with HubSpot, we were forced to manage our operations in a very different, disconnected way - a lot of it was best-guess and speculation. But now, we have all of our data and processes in one place, minus the guesswork.”

You might not realize this just yet, but having poor time tracking habits in 2018 could cost you more than one million dollars each year. In fact, we found that a 15-employee company is prone to losing $1.6 million in yearly revenue to lack of time tracking for email, meeting, and forgetfulness! But with Accelo, this no longer needs to be the case.

“Every piece of client work we do gets logged in Accelo - so we know who is working on what, where there are gaps, who is underutilized, etc. This helps us make broader decisions across the business about what are we doing for the client, where are we overutilized or where do we need to grow?"

“What I like most about Accelo is having a very accurate overview of how well our business is running. I know my utilization rate, I know how much we are invoicing, and I know how much each of my clients is investing in us. It allows me to have my finger on the pulse of my entire company, in one place,” said Bill.

If these are helpful insights you’d like to gain, simply click here to start trialing Accelo technology today, and take the pain out of managing a complex agency, once and for all!

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