The Exclusivity Angle: Marketing Your Services in a Noisy World

By Chelsea Williams
Senior Copywriter
May 11 2023 read

Have you ever pre-ordered the latest iPhone? Gone for the last car model on the lot with the better trim package? Waited with a credit card in hand for the moment concert ticket sales went live?

You could call these modern phenomena examples of convenience, but they’re also evidence of a common pattern. A game we all play somewhat unconsciously — the game of exclusivity. When you get your hands on something that not everyone has, you feel special. The pursuit of that feeling is quite powerful, and it’s the same feeling your future clients are seeking when they search for a service like yours.

Marketing tactics have changed dramatically over time, but the benefit of highlighting the exclusive nature of your services has held steady. And incorporating this awareness goes beyond simply indicating that what you’re providing is “limited edition.” 

Here’s how to cut through the noise and generate demand for your service using the exclusivity angle.

What’s Exclusive About Your Offerings?

To truly understand how to stand out from the competition, you have to know what the rest of the crowd is doing. However, when you sell a service, you can’t fall back on calling out singular, obvious features like you would with a physical product. 

And chances are, you’ll face the classic marketing dilemma: You know why your offering is the best, but you can’t quite express it in a way that makes other people believe it, too.

A standard competitor analysis is a good first step in reflecting on your differentiators, but don’t stop there. Go deeper by asking questions like: 

  • What is our niche, and why did we choose it?
  • What unique skills or expertise does our team have?
  • How do we communicate with clients about changes or bad news?
  • Why do our current clients renew their contracts?
  • How do we make new clients feel comfortable?

These questions get at how you treat people in good and bad moments. Along with the unparalleled services or interesting skillsets your team brings, that’s what sets you apart. In professional services, the depth of client relationships conveys exclusivity.

➡️ Remember to consult previous survey results, testimonials and reviews. Your clients can be better at expressing why they loved working with you than you are at pinpointing how your business shines. 

Put It Into Words — Precisely

Knowing why you’re different is helpful, but you also have to be able to communicate that effectively to your prospects. As uncomfortable as it is, this challenge is somewhat akin to speed dating. You have to answer the question “Why me?” with your words and behavior in a short period of time.

Like in dating, confidence is key in positioning your business. You can’t come across as just an option. Instead, you have to express a deep knowing that the prospect will be making the right choice if they go with you.

That requires being as direct as possible about your value proposition. To figure out how to communicate your exclusive value, consider leaning into an outcome-based marketing approach, which means generating a feeling, a state of being and a partnership — not just a particular result. Replace dry, stereotypical requests with warm, welcoming invitations. 

A Powerful Language Edit

While speaking with an authentic voice is more important than trying too hard to use certain words, slight phrasing changes can make your marketing efforts land more often.

Instead of …

Say …

Join our mailing list

Stay connected with us

Get a free month 

Sign up now and the first month’s on us

Schedule a call

Let us learn about your needs

Come to our event

You’re invited to a special event

“We” and “you” language supports the element of exclusivity by making people feel seen, like they’re part of a one-on-one conversation.

➡️ Mix in words like “advance,” “access,” “private,” “select” or “only” to touch upon your ideal customer’s need to feel special.

Create Exclusive Experiences 

Follow up your personal, conversational language with plentiful opportunities for your prospects to be part of something unique. 

You might come up with an educational topic for an invite-only webinar or host an event that’s available for the first 30 people who open your email. Or, you could send a qualifying questionnaire that’s dual purpose: It helps you determine fit and sends the message that you’re being picky about whom you bring on as a client. Waitlists for general clientele or a new service package launch can create a similar sense.

While you want to be genuine about what your audience receives, it’s less important to make something truly a one-time offer than it is to build an air of mystique around it.

Internal Alignment: A Marketing Catalyst 

Your exclusive messaging can be even more impactful if your business is operationally sound and your teams communicate about your brand identity before it goes public. Here’s why:

  • Every team member, including those in marketing roles, will describe what you do and why using the same core language, which writes a seamless story.
  • Efficient operations support greater profitability, so your leadership team will be more equipped to invest in the way your brand comes across.
  • You’ll have data to support the outcomes you’ve been depicting in your marketing campaigns, especially the ones you claim are exclusive.

Internal alignment depends on visibility and transparency. Not only can Accelo be a single source of truth to help you provide both of these, but it can support your marketing efforts with automated emails and more.

Get your team aligned so you can more easily communicate the distinctive value your business offers. Start a free trial or sign up for a demo of Accelo to see how a client work management platform can support your marketing strategy and more.


About the Author


Chelsea Williams is Senior Copywriter at Accelo, where she shares unique insights with service professionals and tells user stories via blogs, eBooks, industry reports and more. She has over 15 years of B2B and B2C writing experience — primarily in tech, sales, education and healthcare. Chelsea is an AWAI-certified Master Copywriter trained in brand storytelling and microcopy.

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