Why 80% of Leads Never Become Sales

The Importance of Lead Nurturing

7-Feb 2019
Building Revenue

Lead nurturing is an important part of mastering sales. Ideally, through lead nurturing, you are developing a relationship with the customer and communicating with them as they move through your sales funnel or pipeline.

Why is it so important?

Touch-points as potential customers funnel through can are make or break the sale. According to Marketo, around 80% of leads never become sales. If you can convince them to convert, though, a nurtured lead will make a purchase that is 47% more than a lead that wasn’t nurtured.

With B2B cloud-technology, the sales process becomes significantly more efficient and transparent. Working with a CRM that updates in real-time is necessary to make sure that your contacts are all up-to-date and each member of your team has the correct information when talking to potential clients.

Ask yourself: How are you categorizing your leads? Are you creating custom fields and utilizing details obtained as they hit different touch-points in the funnel process?


Some great, and largely successful, ways to organize your leads are categorizing by the following:

  • Industry

  • Demographics (where is the firm or client located, the size, and annual revenue)

  • Niche

  • Audience

  • Budget

Once you gain more information on the perspective lead, the odds of conversion increase by 20%! That’s why a great cloud-based CRM can be so important. Keeping track of these details and then using the information for further targeting improves results vastly. Plus, if you’re a Service professional, you're are selling a relationship rather than a product. In order to feel comfortable committing, your potential customer needs to be seen and cultivate trust in your company.

Finally, inspire that trust and cultivate the relationship by providing organized relevant content. Make sure that touch-points are timely, so the client know lead feels that you are committed and engaged. This could be the difference of winning or losing a sale. Leads are more likely to convert when contacted quickly. If you want to learn more about organizing your sales process to help you convert leads you can sign up for a free trial today.

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