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The Importance of Automation and Ongoing Client Work for Accountants

Feb 4 2019 read

Accounting goes beyond annual filing, tax returns, and audits; as an accountant, you can provide value-add beyond the tax season. If positioned right, you can secure ongoing client work to drive both you and your clients' growth and prosperity.

Another factor to keep in mind, according to Xero's Accounting and bookkeeping industry performance report, when it came to the source of recent new clients, 44% of small businesses changed accountants, moving to firms with larger cloud practices.

With accounting project management software like Accelo, you can automate and streamline the accounting process, meeting your clients' compliance obligations; but it gives you the control to manage your client services in one central system from accounting efforts, project management, client communications, and retainers, removing the manual pain of these tasks.

Here's three more advantages to automating your services and pursuing ongoing client work:

1. Consistent Revenue and Retainers

Loyal customers are a business' dream. When you work with your clients on cadence it helps your business cover your fixed costs every month, so you don't have the stress of continually needing to land new projects. With Accelo you can use retainers to manage this recurring work you do for your clients in one system, and easily configure what you charge for your work, automatically renew services, automatically invoice clients, set up recurring tasks, and help cut administrative frustrations.

2. Long-Lasting Relationships

Simply put, when you do ongoing work for your clients, you have an ongoing relationship with them. You're a key part throughout their financial journey, making them less likely to switch accountants. One thing to remember, as technology advances, it's crucial to stay up-to-date with modern systems. As we've shared in the findings above, in the last couple of years, small business have prioritized cloud practices when working with accountants. Accelo connects with your go-to accounting software â€”enabling you to import your client contacts and sync them to get a single view of client work, invoices, and payments. Also, oversee your tasks as well as forecast projects in real-time, and sync your items, accounts, and tax codes for quick invoice creation. Shape, maintain, and solidify dynamic and efficient client relationships with automation.

3. Proactive Instead of Reactive

Being an expert in tax and compliance is great, but only a fraction of what you're great at. By engaging as an adviser year round, you can smooth out seasonality and help clients avoid problems before it is too late. With a standing monthly meeting you can be there while the year unfolds and offer valuable advice from preventative insight to tax advantages. Instead of getting involved at the end of the financial year, and having to look at the entirety of their books for reporting purposes, you can use automation to stay on top of their financial history and leverage it to advise and positively impact their business.

There is an incredible opportunity when accountants automate their operations and utilize technology to collaborate and assist their clients. With a streamlined process, accountants can make more time for their clients and work on a routine-basis providing financial guidance to help them scale and get back to the work they love. Sign up for a trial to see how our integrated platform can help you automate your services and establish recurring client work! 

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