The Secret To Workplace Happiness

The Key to Happy and Productive Employees

1-Dec 2018

The owner of the e-tailer Zappos stresses happiness, and the results are staggering. According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, their employees are so happy that many stay with the company for 10 years or more. However, retention isn’t the only reason that employee satisfaction should be a priority. Happy employees are more productive, collaborative, and creative.

How to keep employees happy:


Recognizing achievements and milestones is a simple, yet important action that goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be a production; a thoughtful “thank you” or “good job” may turn someone’s day around.

Encourage Outside Interests

It can be hard to get off-the-grid and take time for personal activities and rest. Most of us are always connected, perhaps even wearing our calendar and e-mails on our wrist by way of an iWatch. A little encouragement to your team to leave on time or let their hair down a bit on Friday won’t go unnoticed.

Cultivate A Sense Of Belonging

Employees don’t have to be best friends with everyone they work with, however, a friendly and lighthearted office environment helps co-workers get to know one another. This is especially important once you hit busier seasons. Working on difficult projects or with tough clients is a test to any team, and if employees feel like they have peers and friendly faces on their team to collaborate with it will go much smoother. Collaboration also promotes efficiency, creativity, and greater productivity. An office shouldn't be radio silent and small talk, or water cooler conversations, should be encouraged!

How does your team get along at work? An easy way to carve out time for team building, in order to promote happiness, is to utilize a Service Operations Automation (ServOps) platform that allows you to see anyone's schedule at any time. From there, it's easy to plan outings or office breaks with a cloud-based Team Calendar. Scheduling consistent check-ins and fun activities don't have to be hard to plan and get on the calendar. Take a look at our integrated platform for more ways to promote a better workplace. Sign up for your free trial today

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