The New Accelo Introduces Itself

4-Oct 2012 • Product
Sarah Khogyani

We've got some exciting news! Today, our Accelo family has grown with the addition of Sync and Plus to join Premium. After an incredible few months of research, over 200 interviews and product building, we've landed at a new Accelo that's easier for everyone to use. 

We're happy about all of the great feedback we've gotten from early adopters, and we'd love to hear your opinions.

Accelo Sync

Think of it like Dropbox, but for clients, emails and attachments. Sync is a free email capturing service that will capture, track and share selected business emails across your team. It automatically syncs with your current email application so that you don’t have to change the way you email. You essentially connect Accelo to Gmail or Outlook, and sit back while business-related messages are indexed and stored in the Sync news feed. 

Accelo Plus

A platform for all of your client work. Plus combines sales, Projects, Sales, Tickets, and Time Billing all in one platform. Now you can track and process your work even faster.

Accelo Plus

Premium is the Accelo you know and love-- the powerful & customizable system that runs your business in the cloud.


To celebrate the launch of Sync, Plus and Premium, we're having a launch party at our offices here in San Francisco. If you're in the area and free on Friday afternoon from 5pm, we'd love to have you along as our guest. We'll have DJs, drinks, a taco truck and around 300 of the coolest people in the tech industry along, so if you're able to come we'd love to see you there.

For location information and to reserve your spot, visit our Eventbrite page.

Until then, try out Sync for free and let us know what you think.

Have a first look at 

Update: We had a great turnout and awesome time at the Accelo launch party. Here are a few pictures from the night! 





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