The New Quotes Product Lets You Send Win-Ready Quotes

Jul 15 2014 read

“Please send me a quote.” It should be one of the highlights of a sales person's day, a strong buying signal that gets you closer to the close. But quotes aren't just a document you throw together to get a signature from a client - they're the commitment of what your company is going to deliver for that client, and it is essential to start on the right foot if you want your projects to succeed.

What if you could treat your quote as the beginning of the project planning phase, setting out the milestones, budgets, durations and dependencies of the project you're committing to deliver for a price?

What if you could get your plan right and know that when the deal is won, you can convert sales promises into a live project plan with a single click?

Finally, what if you could template your quotes using the same platform you use to template your projects? How about knowing that when you adjust your project pricing, timetables or dependencies at the template level because you've learned you need to allow more time and/or budget from hard won experience, the very next quote to be created will take these new rates and details into account?

We think quoting should be easier, more dynamic and connected to your delivery cycle. That’s why Accelo has taken an innovative and unique approach to the proposal process with our new Quotes product.

Speed up proposal creation with our online editor, win more with smart quote tracking and save time with our exclusive, one-click quote-to-project converter. Send quotes that not only help you win, but makes sure you're placed to deliver on time and on budget.

Create a quote like you’d plan a project

For almost all services, quotes are essentially project plans presented to a client for approval. This is why Accelo lets you build an estimate of your services and materials using a Gantt-chart interface. After the approval is all said and done, your quote can then be transferred to a project plan for an efficient client delivery cycle.


Save time with our online editor

Easily add text and image content to your quote across three critical proposal sections: Introduction, Conclusion, Terms & Conditions. You can also provide more detailed descriptions of your quote line items, descriptions which then become part of your project plan, so your project team know what your sales people have promised in each key milestone or task.


Have full control over your quote details

The last step of the process is previewing your quote. From here, you can have powerful control over customizing your quote before it’s published. Easily roll-up line items, hide certain details (like rates and hours), hide material details (like quantity and rates) and set your quote expiration date.


Impress clients with your published quote

With Accelo, you can send off quotes in two different ways:

  • Publish to your client portal and let your quote be one click away from approval. From here, your customers can comment and leave their feedback where you can easily track it.
  • Easily publish and send a PDF to your client via email (or even print it out if you prefer handing it to them in person).


Win faster with digital approval

Give your customers a better user experience with online access to their quote. There, they can leave comments and quickly approve the quote when they’re satisfied. You’ll be notified by email of every interaction your customer has with the quote.


Sell smarter with quote tracking

Do you know how many times a prospect has looked at your quote? Do you know if they’ve even opened it? Accelo tracks everything that happens to your quote. From edits, views, status changes and more, you’ll have more insight into your proposal process. Send intelligent follow-ups and increase your win rates with event tracking.


Streamline delivery by converting your quote to a project

You’ll save hours of project planning by converting your quote into a project with just one click. As soon as clients approve your budget and milestones, you’ll be able to build out tasks and assign resources right from inside Accelo.


Join us for a hands-on walk through Q&A session

If you've got questions, or would just like to see this new feature in action without having to test it on your own clients, join us for a special webinar session later this week. Click on the link below to reserve your space at one of our interactive webinar sessions.

  • San Francisco - Thursday, July 17th 8am and 4pm
  • New York - Thursday, July 17th 11am
  • London - Thursday, July 17th 4pm
  • Berlin - Thursday, July 17th 5pm
  • Cape Town - Thursday, July 17th 5pm
  • Dubai - Thursday, July 17th 7pm
  • Auckland - Friday, July 18th 11am
  • Sydney - Friday, July 18th 9am
  • Singapore - Friday, July 18th 7am


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