The New Task Assignment Board Lets You Easily Delegate Work

15-Aug 2013
Sarah Khogyani

Tasks are known to be one of the most popular and frequently used features within Accelo. Getting things done can be as simple as tapping out a quick task, assigning it to yourself or someone else and setting a deadline.

With all of the work that needs to be done for clients, you might have a load of tasks scattered across your different modules. In order to centralize all those tasks in one place, we introduced the Tasks Deadline and Status boards. As an extension of this board's power and functionality, today marks the launch of Task Assignments. Now, you can visualize all tasks in one place and easily assign them to your team.

Add your staff to the board and see what they have on their plate

To start assigning, you’ll need to add your colleagues to the board. The great thing about the board is that you can visualize how much work your team already has to do before making the decision to assign tasks.

Filter by status, deadline, workload and more

Move through tasks with the filtering bar. View tasks by due date, status, workload and type to narrow down the work you’d like to use.

Drag and drop tasks to assign them

Now for the fun part: drag and drop task items to different colleagues in order to assign them. They’ll then receive an email notifying them of their new assignment, which they can accept, start, complete or cancel.

Quickly edit tasks and change deadlines

Right from your board, you can edit instructions or change due dates for all the tasks you have to assign. This way, you can manage your staff, resources and time in one go. In case you're wondering where a Task is up to, you can type out a quick note to the assignee and get an overview of all related conversation in one place.

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