The Perils of Dog Fooding

2-May 2012

In technology circles, "Dog Fooding" means to test new products and technology on yourself extensively before releasing it to clients. The benefits include not just improved quality, but insights that you can only get from using a product in the way it was intended, but real people.

Sometimes, however, things go wrong, and today was one of those days.

We sent out our regular monthly newsletter to our users, but to do it we used our new Campaigns module. When released, it will allow Accelo users to run email and offline (direct mail, etc) campaigns using the data in Accelo, and our first integration partner are the great guys at Campaign Monitor.

Unfortunately, a mistake on our part meant we accidentally sent another version of the campaign to all of our active users. Doh.

We hope the picture of a cute dog helps make things better, and apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced by the mistake. We promise to be even more careful and make sure we only send you the occasional email that is relevant to you as a user of Accelo.

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