Growth Hacking 101

Accelo: the Tool Behind the Hacker

By Randy Mitchelson
Mar 6 2018 read

When marketers hear the words 'growth hacking' they often think of tips and tricks they can use to increase the popularity of their product or service. But while building a social presence and growing your email list are common 'hacks' in the industry, they aren't really possible without certain tools.

This article put it best when it said that "behind every growth hacker is a tool" or system just like Accelo, and Randy Mitchelson couldn't agree more:

"The tool that has helped our young company the most is Accelo, a project and retainer management platform," said Vice President at iPartnerMedia, Randy Mitchelson.

"Accelo enables our web development and digital marketing teams to track their time against projects and tasks. This data enables our team to understand, in real time, whether we are on a budget for a project or retainer. The information is also made available to clients so that there are facts to show for work that's been done and how long it took. In addition, the data has solved the problem of projects going over budget without our knowledge. Before Accelo was implemented, we were blind to leaks in our operations," said Randy.

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"For example, if a client is requesting work that exceeds their allotted monthly budget, Accelo allows us to confidently alert the client that they will incur an overage and secure their approval before extra work is performed. A side benefit to Accelo is that it serves as our customer relationship management (CRM) platform and eventually we will be converting our invoicing to Accelo.

As a young company, we have learned to watch every minute because in our world time is literally money. Accelo enables us to do that efficiently by eliminating other islands of automation and providing both our staff and our clients with transparency into our relationship. This transparency has helped our client retention remain very high and earn our spot as the most reviewed marketing company in southwest Florida," said Randy.

Just like Randy, you too can hack your way to substantial growth just by switching over to a smart system like Accelo - click here to start your free trial today.

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