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Timesheets On Mobile: an Easier Way to Work On-the-Go

8-May 2018

You want to keep track of the work you’re doing, but you’re working on-the-fly without a laptop. Fear not.

Introducing Timesheets on Mobile: the most efficient way to log time from anywhere, on any smart device.

Our developers have been working around the clock to get this powerful feature off the ground (and out of Beta) for all Accelo users… and today is that day! Now available on Android and iOS, is the ability to take control of all the work you're doing for clients with Timesheets on mobile.

While logging time on mobile has been available since the early days, the new Timesheet view makes it easy to find and fill gaps in your day and add time against those client emails which Accelo has captured for you, with an intelligent hybrid of the daily and weekly Timesheets you’ve long seen in the web app. You can even see external calendar appointments that Accelo has detected and convert them into billable activities - all while working on the fly!

The best part?

You’ll see an overview of your entire week on one handy screen - so that you can stay organized and easily adapt to changes when working offsite.


Ready to get setup?

You can immediately access the Timesheet from your main navigation menu between the Timers and Task Board icon on mobile. Your meetings (past and present), emails, work logs and more will be listed chronologically so you can scroll through your day and add time where it was missed. Towards the bottom, you’ll also see a list of suggested work based on tasks you have assigned, which saves you from manually searching and adding those to your Timesheet!

As of this update, you can also have the option to access your User Mobile Page from the top right User menu (see image below). This will include both the download links for IOS/Android and a secure QR code to log in. You can find more details on our Mobile App help guides.

mobile app

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our support team at 

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