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The 5 Best Accounting CRM Softwares for CPA Firms


Around 62% of accounting firms use a CRM system, but less than 5% use it on a regular basis. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage and solidify customer data and relationships. What a lot of CRM platforms lack, though, is the "R," the relationships aspect. The systems are built for product businesses, rather than service businesses.

As a CPA, it's a priority to care about your relationships. Without them, you don't have a business or clients. CPAs need a multifunctional CRM system to nurture and monitor client relations, but because CRMs tend to not focus on nurturing your relationships with your clients, rather product-driven. However, by leveraging a CRM managing retainers becomes easier, sharing information becomes more secure, and the list goes on.

  1. Insightly
  2. Accelo
  3. Keap
  4. HubSpot CRM
  5. Zoho Books

Below we share 5 CRM platforms that are built specifically for building the CPA and good client relationship:

  • Insightly

    • Having a CRM that's accessible via web and mobile is critical for CPAs who are constantly on the move. Often times, clients reach out at all hours of the day, so being able to stay updated whether you're at your desk or in transit can make a major difference in sustaining a good relationship. Insightly allows you to track contacts, communications, projects and tasks in a single platform. It can also be integrated with your favorite platforms, including Google Calendar, QuickBooks, Box, Outlook 2013, and more!

  • Accelo
  • Keap

    • Rebranded as Keap (the company was previously known as Infusionsoft), it is becoming popular among accounting firms. It's favored because users have the ability to customize, organize and automate workflows. They understand that the platform can be confusing to newcomers, so they provide constant support and instant live chat features, so you can get your question answered in a timely manner!

  • Hubspot CRM

    • Viewed as a leader in the industry, Hubspot CRM has received rave reviews as a platform that's easy to set up, its customizable, and allows you to better track your work. Accountants enjoy the ability to create emails and schedule them for delivery, increase visibility into what's in your pipeline, and regular webinar training to make sure you are comfortable with the platform.

  • Zoho Books

    • Tailored specifically to small and mid-sized businesses, the company offers multi-channel support for users to help cut out the manual work CPAs are often stuck doing. Zoho is known for its distinguished support, balance sheet creation, and customizable dashboard.


Before making the move to any CRM platform, it's important to shop around and make sure you choose the one that works best for you. Identify your biggest pain points, pinpoint what you want your CRM to accomplish for you, and take a breath knowing that there are platforms that are available to meet our needs.

Take the next steps. If you're in search of a platform dedicated to helping you run a successful practice, sign up for a free trial of Accelo, and see how it can automate your services and help you and your client's scale and prosper.

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