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7 Profitable Perks of Using Retainers

12-Oct 2017
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Finally, there’s an easier way to track and manage your contracts and retainers with ServOps technology!

This new way of doing business can boost productivity by 20% and will stop you from wasting valuable time on unnecessary busy work - work that can now be automated with the right ServOps platform. Here’s how:

Create unlimited customizable retainer types: so that you can set the roadmap for your recurring work. You may not realize it yet, but the time you spend on repetitive admin work like recreating retainer types can eventually add up and hurt your bottom line.

Create recurring tasks within retainers for ongoing clients: to avoid the hassle of repeatedly creating the same tasks every time they are brought on board. You can do this by creating specific templates for certain clients based on the nature of the work you do for them.

Customize your own rate cards: to configure the amount you want to charge for different projects or retainers, making it easy for you to override any templated rates associated with reusable templates.

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Set-up auto-renewal on recurring tasks, plans, and budgets: to more efficiently manage recurring contracts. Time will automatically be allocated in your schedule once a contract renews.

Control rollover: to stipulate whether an expiring period should roll over unused allowance into the next period. This makes it easy for your clients to keep the hours they purchased with you and use them up the following month.

Receive automatic email notifications: to alert your team when hours on a contract are about to end. That way, you’ll always know exactly how much time is left in a retainer package.

Set-up retainer invoicing: to automatically turn your billable hours into invoices with ease. Customize invoices for each pay period depending on the type of service, materials used, or expenses incurred, and reuse them for similar clients.

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To learn more about the benefits of working with customizable retainers and streamlined workflows, check this out. Or,  click here to start a free trial of ServOps technology today.


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