Accelo's Task Status List

Using Accelo's Task Status List for Managing Projects

15-Apr 2021

What is a Task Status?

A Task Status specifies the stages through which your tasks progress within a work project. Task statuses include: unassigned; pending; accepted; started; and, completed. Tasks can be a reminder of something to do in the future, or a recurring task to be completed for an ongoing project or retainer. Tasks are useful for managing small pieces of work related to a specific object.

For professional services firms, staying on top of project and task status is the key to maintaining excellent relationships with your clients. But with so many projects in circulation, how do you keep track of it all?

Effective task management allows you to track all aspects of a project, from the initial concept to all of the tasks that go into completing the project successfully. For project leaders, this allows for an at-a-glance view of tasks assigned to all team members and their status. You can set priorities and stay organized to ensure seamless collaboration and identify any bottlenecks. 

Task management also allows you to pivot and reprioritize as circumstances shift. For example, if a client’s needs change or financial and human resources are reallocated, a strong task management approach will help you reassign or reschedule tasks to adapt to new project timelines. 

With the right tools and best practices, you can harness all of the benefits of task management for your professional services firm, allowing you to deliver on promises to clients efficiently, effectively, and with a streamlined, organized approach. And not only will task management make your clients happier, it will also make your team more focused and less stressed about letting important tasks fall through the cracks. Win-win! 


Task Management Best Practices

Assigning a flood of tasks to team members without a sense of how those tasks fit into the overall project or what the metrics for success are can overwhelm your team members and lead to task paralysis. But following some simple best practices for task management as a project leader will ensure that you and your team are following through on daily tasks, as well as keeping the gears turning to move your project forward. 

Clearly define the project

In order to identify the various tasks that will make up a project, you need to have a clear understanding of what the project is. Communicating that understanding with your team will also allow team members to place their assigned tasks in the context of the overarching project goals and stay motivated to keep the project on track. 


Set priorities 

Not all project-related tasks can be completed at once, so which ones need to be completed first, second, and third? Are some tasks dependent on others to be completed first? Mapping out a project timeline according to the completion deadline and other pressures can keep the workflow moving slowly. 


Quantify tasks with metrics

How will you know when a task is completed? Using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based) metrics will allow you to assess how well your team is meeting project goals and how to allocate resources effectively to stay on track with those goals. Communicating metrics with your team allows team members to assess their own efforts in completing project-related tasks. 


Track progress and celebrate accomplishments

The satisfaction of completing a task and seeing it move your team toward its larger project goals provides the motivation you and your team need to keep going. Being able to view a dashboard overview of completed, in-progress, and pending tasks as well as progress toward your goals is an important way to celebrate these accomplishments, and sharing with your team encourages momentum. 


Use the right tools

A task management platform that provides feedback, reporting, and collaboration will help you and your team stay on task. Accelo offers a seamless approach to task management that allows you to easily move, filter, log, and synchronize task progress, all while keeping the overall project plan visible. Having a unified platform that integrates individual and team tasks within the project scope helps you bring all of the puzzle pieces together to meet your goals.


How to Choose the Right Task Management Software

There are a lot of task management software options out there, so how do you choose one that best fits your organization’s needs? 

Here are some features to look for when choosing task management software to improve outcomes for your team. 

Ease of updates

Project goals change and priorities shift all the time, so your task management platform should make it easy for you to reorder and reassign tasks, preferably with drag-and-drop timeline views. They should also integrate these changes so that updates to tasks are reflected in the overall project plan. And when tasks are logged, completed, or their status update changes, that should automatically reflect in the project, as well. 

Accelo offers flexibility with task management by allowing you to manage and change the status of a task instantly, and keeping your information consistently up-to-date across multiple projects.


Multiple filters

As you track tasks, you will want to filter by status, deadline, team member workload, and more. Having multiple filters will allow you to see which tasks have been completed, which are in progress, and which are nearing deadline on your task status list. You can also identify any bottlenecks and obstacles to completion before they impact the project timeline. Accelo’s Status Board View provides a dashboard overview of tasks with a range of filters so you can track your project from a variety of angles.  



The right task management software will integrate directly with your other office suite products, so that your team can synchronize tasks across platforms that you use. Unlike many other task management providers, Accelo works seamlessly with leading platforms like G Suite, Office 365, HubSpot, and Zapier so your tasks are automatically synchronized, no matter where you log them. 


Recurring tasks capabilities

Most projects have tasks that need to be completed more than once, like a periodic client check-in or product review. Choose a task management platform that will allow you to set up recurring tasks easily so that you can restart recurring projects or tasks and assign them to the right person. 


Capture Task Management Benefits with Accelo

For a more in-depth breakdown of Accelo’s task management capabilities, check out our resource guide. With effective task management from Accelo, individual team members can focus on the tasks at hand while their changes are automatically reflected in the overall project plan.

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