Watch the Sneak Peek Video of the New Client Portal & Attachments Upgrade

1-Nov 2013

Yesterday, we ran a number of sessions that gave our users a sneak peek at the latest, most anticipated upgrade to your Accelo account - the new Client Portal. If you couldn't make it to one of the live sessions, we've recorded one of them and you can watch it here (as many times as you like!).

Geoff McQueen walks through the new Client Portal and attachments upgrade. What's new with the Client Portal? In summary, your clients get access to their (selected) projects, retainers, issues and even sales. You and your team also get a new Signoffs Module so that you can send files to clients for approval. The new Client Portal is meant to enhance collaboration and engagement with your clients, while also making approvals easier for your team. Everyone wins!

The session covers how to:

  • Customize the look and feel of your client portal, with custom images and a lot of controls over colors.
  • Select client visibility settings on projects, issues, retainers and even sales.
  • Set up the *new* Signoff module that allows your team to send files to clients for digital and secure approval.
  • Be more collaborative with your clients - let them create tasks, upload attachments and make notes against projects, issues and more.
  • Encourage self-service and peer invitations. Show clients how to update their own account info and invite their colleagues to use the client portal.

Bonus demo of the new attachments upgrade (and Dropbox integration)

In this recording, Geoff also walks through the latest attachments upgrade. This new upgrade allows you to easily add documents from virtually anywhere - your files, Google Drive, Facebook and more!

If you just want to check out the Attachments Upgrade, skip ahead to the 50:06 mark.

To watch the recording, click on the link below:


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