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What is a Gantt Chart and Why is it Important?

9-Jul 2018

We've all been there: unable to see the forest for the trees. That's what happens when we jump into a complex, collaborative project without an outline that is equipped to support it. You don't know where you are in the timeline, when you'll hit the next milestone, and what resources you need along the way. This is where Gantt charts come in.

What is a Gantt Chart?

Gantt charts, such as the Accelo Gantt chart, are smart tools that are intuitive and track where you are in a specific project. They’re great at helping to plan and schedule projects and are one of the best visual project management tools that you can use to increase transparency across the board. Gantt charts take a project and break it into small, easy to swallow pieces with checkpoints along the way. The smartest Gantt charts will even automatically update project timelines when upstream dependencies have been met - so all you need to do is focus on the task at hand.  Learn how we upgraded Gantt charts in Accelo with features like a click & drag interface for ease of use.

The Benefits of using a Gantt Chart

  • They're simple yet thorough. A big advantage to using a Gantt chart is that it provides the ability to break down multiple tasks and time markers in one master document.

  • They're visually helpful. Gantt charts provide a great visualization of projects and progress, which helps everyone stay on the same page.

  • They make tracking projects easier because each task is on a timeline.

  • They define roles. Gantt charts allow you to assign tasks in a way that is cohesive and transparent - making teamwork and collaboration less stressful.


To boot, Gantt charts are one of the most effective ways to track projects and look into project reporting. They are organized, motivating, and informative, particularly with large, long-term work. The format breaks down the structure of a project and shows team-workers how their work impacts the overall outcome, in turn, increasing productivity and profitability.

Has your team used a Gantt chart? Accelo provides a space where you can utilize this tool seamlessly. Sign up for your free trial to experiment with Gantt charts today.

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