Overview of Ticket Dashboards

What is a Ticket Dashboard? Overview with Examples

6-May 2021
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If you’re familiar with the customer service industry at all, you have an idea of what a ticketing system is. At the very least, you know tickets keep track of your request. But there’s more to it than that. 

Service tickets help organize and monitor the progress of customer requests. They make sure your issue gets to the person qualified to solve it, and that the issue is dealt with quickly. At least, when used correctly. 


What’s a Ticket Dashboard?‌

A ticketing system is a tool companies use to track service and support cases. The system creates a ticket for each new case, which records all the relevant information on an issue, creating a record that the customer service rep can refer back to later on. 

A ticket dashboard allows someone to view and manage multiple tickets at the same time. This is a critical tool for the management teams responsible for making sure those tickets get filled.

Who Uses Ticket Dashboards?‌

Pretty much any company involved with or requiring customer service uses a ticket dashboard. That can be any industry from software to your cell phone provider — if a company sells a product and has customer service staff, they probably use some kind of ticketing system.

Industries that might use a ticketing dashboard include: 

  • Call centers
  • Marketing firms
  • Software companies
  • IT departments
  • Any customer service department

Since many elements of ticketing systems are automated, they can greatly increase efficiency. When a customer service rep takes a call, they ping an expert on that customer’s issue so they can start working on it. Once that’s done, they can take another call while they wait for the solution. 

What Are the Benefits of a Ticket Dashboard?‌

Not only do ticketing systems give your customer service reps a way to track calls, but they also help calls get handled more efficiently, with less time spent waiting for a ticket to get to the right person. 


1. Faster Resolution‌

No customer wants to be kept waiting. The faster issues can be resolved, the better. Using a ticketing dashboard helps track tickets in progress, including ones that have gone stale or become overdue. This helps management determine whether there are performance gaps and what to do about them if there are.

Ticketing systems automatically route calls to available reps and populate them with data on the issue the customer is having. This eliminates time spent routing calls and getting reps up to speed — they already have the details in front of them. 

2. Reduced Ticket Backlog‌

With your customer service staff spending less time on mundane tasks like call routing or data entry, you’ll reduce your backlog of support tickets. Since a ticketing dashboard gives management a bird’s-eye view of stale and overdue tickets, they can take action if a backlog starts piling up. 

Reducing or eliminating support ticket backlog will mean your customer service staff are less stressed and better able to do their jobs. The people calling in will have their problem solved quickly, and therefore have a better experience with your business, making them more likely to recommend you to others. 

3. Greater Organization‌

If your company has a high volume of support tickets, this is especially important. A ticketing dashboard helps you organize and track tickets for the entire customer service department.  This centralized database means reps can look for past tickets to help with solutions to present issues. 

Tickets can be labeled and prioritized based on urgency. If enough people are having the same problem, a ticket dashboard can alert you and allow you to section off a task force to deal with the issue.

4. More Personalized Support‌

Automated routing and better management of the overall workload mean customer service reps have more time to deal with issues on a case-by-case basis. That means they can offer more personalized solutions to people’s problems. 

Since your customers feel more valued when your reps can spend more time with them, they’ll be more likely to leave the call with a better impression of your business. That’s likely to increase their brand loyalty over the long term

5. Better Communication‌

Your company probably has multiple support channels people can reach you through — email, phone, social media, chat, etc. If one customer is communicating with you over multiple channels for the same issue, that can get hard to handle. 

Luckily, a good ticketing system logs all communication with a customer on the same ticket, regardless of how they’re reaching out to you. Even if a customer gets assigned to a different rep, all the information for that ticket will be in one easy-to-read thread. 

Ticketing Dashboard Features‌

So how exactly does a ticketing system help you keep track of all this? With multiple tools that are easy to use, including: 

  • Displaying tickets at risk
  • Ticket volume charts
  • Data reporting

Accelo's ticket dashboard

Ticketing dashboards organize your open customer tickets by time and priority. You can see which tickets have gone “stale” or “very stale” and act on them before they get too overdue. Tickets that are high priority and must be solved quickly can be tagged accordingly to make sure they get the attention they need. 

Ticket volume charts let you get an overview of the support tickets you have coming in over a set period of time. Looking at that data over different intervals can alert you to backlogs and patterns. For example, if you see you have a higher influx of support tickets after the holidays every year, you can assign extra staff accordingly. 

Quick reporting features let you see multiple aspects of a ticket at a glance. That can include which manager is responsible for that ticket, whether a rep is actively working on it, and whether or not the ticket is high-priority. 

Upgrade to More Efficient Customer Service

If you’re not already using a ticketing system and dashboard, now’s the time to upgrade. It’ll help you manage tickets more efficiently, reduce stress among your customer service staff, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Accelo’s ticketing dashboard is packed with ways to help you improve your customer service workflow. If you decide you’d like to try Accelo for your business, sign up for a free trial. See what it can do for you, and reach out if you want to take the next step.

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