Prioritize Your Business' Automation Efforts

Why Automation is a Necessity for Your Team

7-Dec 2018

Whether you’re an established CEO of a Fortune 500 or an agency-based designer contracted for a specific project, it’s vital to have confidence in your internal processes and organization. Doing so ensures you can dedicate more time to making valuable impact doing the work that you love.

Nowadays, automation has become a staple for professionals to do just that. Take marketing for example: already 67% of marketing leaders use software automation.

Here are four simple benefits of implementing your business’ automation efforts:

1. Focus on Your Work Passions and Less on Foundational Planning

We all dread the initial project setup of having to establish new workflows and processes at the start of every project. With automation, you can configure key steps and create workflow templates that are securely stored on your platform, easily accessible by all teammates, and can be reused for future projects. Instead of reinventing the wheel each initiative, steer your time and budget away from tedious planning and put it toward creative development.

2. Easily Track Team Milestones and Update in Real Time

It’s challenging to keep track of who’s doing what and when it’s due. With an automation service your entire team can manage project progress on one communal dashboard. Everyone is kept accountable for their contributions, and project managers can tweak deadlines and assign tasks based on collaborators schedules and availability.

3. Stay Ahead of Your Work

Uh oh - your data analysis shows that your clients peak engagement doesn’t quite match up with your in-office hours. Automation tools for your leads and clients enable your team to schedule automatic communications in advance so that you don’t have to disrupt your relaxation time.

4. Personalize and Improve Contact Interactions

Wish you could connect with each of your thousands of contacts? Storing all contacts in one central place enables the team to filter, segment, and organize them. Making it easier to target and communicate on a personalized basis with an aim to convert prospects into sales.

With Accelo oversee your service operations automations including project management, sales, services, and retainers. Check us out and sign up for a free trial to see how our ServOps platform can drive your business.

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