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Why Every Creative Needs Accelo and HubSpot

29-Apr 2018

While working the floor at HubSpot's INBOUND conference, the Accelo team was delighted to meet their amazing client, Steve Crough, founder of the Melbourne-based digital agency, Dando.

At the time, Steve was already using (and loving) Accelo's latest integration with HubSpot, so we thought we'd take some time to speak with him about his experience so far - and here's what he had to say:

What do you love most about Accelo’s integration with HubSpot?

I love the seamless data exchange and having control of what data I want to be exchanged between the two platforms. Secondly, I'm not relying on a third party platform and that gives me great confidence that the data I'm using is very accurate.

Has this integration helped you work more efficiently?

Yes, definitely. It has also increased confidence and transparency across the board which is great. Our sales, marketing, and operations are now all connected between Accelo and Hubspot and the risk of losing important information has been removed.

We find that having company-wide transparency is critical for growth - it gives us the information we need to make the right decisions for clients because we have confidence in the data. I can look at the entire business and see the touch points and effort being made.

Plus, the data I have access too is in real time, and that is another big advantage of this integration.

Since using the integration, have you seen a boost in productivity and profitability at Dando?

In short, yes. Accelo has been amazing at boosting productivity and profitability and transformed our business, and now with the Hubspot integration, we are seeing better organic growth in clients.

Does your team love the integration as much as you do?

Yep, they love it. Honestly, I think that they were somewhat surprised at how much the integration has benefited their roles and the business as a whole.

Prior to using Accelo and the integration with HubSpot, what were your biggest pains?

There are many challenges running a full-service agency! One of the main frustrations for us was trying to condense our tech stack and have ‘native’ integrations between our SaaS solutions.

Trying to connect our marketing data with our service operations was also a pain. We considered some solutions like Zapier, however, it didn’t give us the depth of rules that we got with the Accelo/Hubspot integration - that gives us greater control of information ‘sharing’ between the two platforms.

Why is this gap between marketing and operations a problem for digital agencies like Dando?

The problem with the gap is that you lose visibility into other areas of your business where the client is active, and this can hinder conversations or not allow for full spectrum conversations with your clients, and that leads to missed growth opportunities.

The integration between HubSpot and Accelo allows for a seamless integration of leads into the operations of the business. Going from Lead within Hubspot to Sale within Accelo is now seamless and ensures there is nothing ‘falling through the cracks’.

Dando is a full-service agency founded in 2008 that works with SME’s and startups to turn their ideas into a commercial reality.

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