Why Great Technology Teams Partner With Your Business

By Robert Germain
Vice President of Client Success
Oct 5 2023 read

Every professional services business, regardless of niche, grapples with one enduring question: “Which software solution is right for us?”

The answer, though seemingly straightforward, must be derived from more than core functionalities or feature perks. It’s about partnership — the intangible bond between a business and its technology provider. Your business and your team deserve a relationship that propels growth, supports stability and reinforces processes. 

When you choose software whose team is invested in your success, you get all of the above.

Beyond Tech Support: The Mark of Exceptional Software Partners

It’s common to assume that once you buy software, you’re on your own. Many business leaders believe a software company’s role ends after ironing out implementation hiccups. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with the right partners.

Proactive guidance

Great software companies don’t just provide you with a tool; they furnish you with a vision. Imagine acquiring a beautiful sports car and only using it for grocery trips. That’s similar to how many businesses underutilize their software, merely because they’re unaware of its full potential.

Instead of waiting for your business to face confusion or frustration, a proactive software team will help you anticipate challenges and address them beforehand.

Customization and scalability

A quality technology team also knows that one size doesn’t fit all. They tailor their platform and training to ensure that your business benefits to the fullest extent from its offerings.

What works today may not be adequate tomorrow. As your business grows, you need new insights, guidance and recommendations for your industry and growth stage.

Vetting Your Potential Software Partner

How can you distinguish a mere vendor from an unwavering partner? Use these insights to steer your decision-making process.

1. Check for educational resources

Does the company provide webinars, tutorials or training sessions? What about a forum or community so you can interact and problem-solve with fellow users? High-quality resources indicate that the company is invested in helping you extract maximum value from their product.

2. Consider more than star ratings

While it’s tempting to impulsively pick the solution with a five-star rating on third-party software review sites, delve deeper. Look for reviews that mention customer support experiences, scalability and adaptability. Success stories where the software team went the extra mile can point to a commitment to partnership.

3. Seek out evidence of tailored solutions

Generic advice is easy to dispense. You want a company that understands your industry and offers features and services that are flexible for your needs. Whether it’s advice about how to build a workflow to optimize your team’s collaboration or help with a custom API-powered integration, these nuances make all the difference.

4. Assess long-term commitment

Rapid software updates can be disruptive if not handled with care. Look for a software team that listens to its user base and communicates about upcoming releases to ensure a smooth transition. When a company prioritizes your comfort and readiness, they’re demonstrating care for your growth journey.

5. Pose strategic questions from the start

Test the waters in your initial interactions with the team. During your demo or follow-up calls, pose strategic questions, not just technical ones. Do they take the time to answer your question thoroughly? What actions do they take if they don’t know the answer? These responses hint at company values and depth.

Cultivating a Relationship With Your Platform Provider

Embarking on your software journey is akin to building any relationship: It requires trust, mutual understanding and ongoing effort. The initial selection process is crucial, but it’s consistency that makes the whole thing worth it.

Here are some tips for developing a lasting bond with your software provider:

  • Open lines of communication. Regularly engage with the team at your chosen software company. When they reach out, provide feedback. Many software companies have dedicated customer success teams. Utilize these contacts to ensure that your voice is heard and your needs are met.
  • Stay updated and engaged. Technological landscapes shift rapidly. By actively participating in webinars, user research interviews and communities, you’ll stay updated on product features and become part of the software’s evolution.
  • Collaborate on custom solutions. As your business scales and pivots, there might be unique challenges that out-of-the-box solutions cannot address. Engage proactively with the software company’s team to discuss your options before you think about jumping ship. They may be able to offer expert services tailored to your use cases.
  • Advocate and network. If the software has added significant value to your operations, let other people know! Write reviews to give your peers an honest look at what’s possible for their businesses. There may be an opportunity to participate in a referral program to both spread the word and solidify your standing with the company.
  • Plan for the long haul. Your software company should be an active participant in your long-term strategic planning. Why not discuss your five-year or 10-year vision with them? Understanding where you aim to go allows them to align their support, features and recommendations with your trajectory and prevents you from having to search for another solution.

As you stand at a crossroads with lots of potential routes to take, remember: You’re not just choosing a tool. You’re selecting a guide to walk alongside your business and stick with you, no matter the obstacles ahead.

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About the Author


Robert Germain is Vice President of Client Success at Accelo, where he manages the Professional Services, Customer Success and Support teams. With over 30 years in client-facing roles in the IT Managed Services and SaaS industries, Robert builds and mentors industry-leading teams to reach achievable yet ambitious business goals while always seeking to enhance the service experience for his clients.

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