Measuring Video Success

Why is Video Automation Good for Marketing?

14-Dec 2017

What is video marketing automation?

Trying to define video marketing automation is quite complex, but measuring its success can be pretty straightforward. Let me explain...

Video success metrics have gone from being nice-to-know, vanity metrics such as “likes” and shares to performance driving metrics like leads generated, conversion rates, and pipeline influenced metrics - all of which heavily impact a company's bottom line.

In our State of Video Marketing Survey, we found that 55% of marketers are still manually tracking their video metrics, pointing to a chasm between the amount of video consumption and the automation required to engage an audience.  Accelo’s blog on smart automation even points out that “with the right service operations automation platform, you’ll be able to eliminate menial tasks, streamline workflows and increase productivity - saving you (and your sanity) from spiraling out of control.” Integrating video marketing automation fits into this exact flow.

By adding video to the marketing tech stack, marketers are more data-driven across every campaign and the entire funnel. It allows for more granular lead scoring, automating emails/events in sync with video, and improved sales data. While metrics such as “likes” and “shares” can - and should - still be measured, video marketing automation is a key for any brand or agency trying to dive deeper into video.

An often repeated - and relevant - statistic is that video data will account for 80% of all website data by 2020.

So, what exactly can brands and agencies do to ensure they're prepared for this? Implement video marketing automation in 2018. This blog breaks down the benefits of using video and explains why it's the most effective medium for collecting data. 


Engagement metrics are some of the most valuable insights marketers can have to optimize their workflow. What’s the conversion rate on a landing page? Time-on-page blog metrics? CTA click-through-rates? Conversion rates?

Just like every other medium that marketers use to engage their audience, video needs to be included in the testing and optimization. Other questions like, how much of a video or webinar was watched, who watched it, and when, can all be answered through video marketing automation. By integrating a video platform with a tool like HubSpot or any other marketing automation system allows marketers to utilize this video data in new and innovative ways:

  • Automate emails based on video behavior. For example, if a user watches half of a product video, marketers could re-engage them by asking via email if they had any other questions.
  • Lead score users based on their video engagement behaviors.
  • Present targeted content that is relevant to the video being viewed on a website. 

By automating engagement video behavior, marketers could be doubling their data to use in their campaigns. Then, use this data to create strategic, meaningful video content that drives ongoing engagement - because nothing beats the power of visual storytelling.

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Ultimately, every single company or team is looking to increase conversions. Conversions are what marketers are measured on and mapping out the path of a user's conversion can give valuable insight into how users move down the marketing funnel.

As mentioned, video is becoming more and more a part of the marketing funnel in 2018. This trend will play out even more as video marketing automation is used to track behavior trends that lead to the most conversions:

  • Use collectors on videos to increase leads, subscribers, and contacts.
  • Use video on landing pages and product pages
  • Use valuable video data in automation systems to leverage email, social, and other channels to build successful campaigns.


Using video marketing automation as a part of a tech stack is a necessary step marketers and agencies need to take in 2018. Just like any marketing technology, video marketing automation makes campaigns more data-driven, automated, and seamless.

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