Boost Productivity With Meditation

Mindfulness Will Get You Through Q4: ServOps and Meditation

13-Nov 2018

When’s the last time you meditated? This might not seem like a standard question when discussing productivity and revenue, however, mindfulness is the key to staying on-task. We’re almost half-way through Q4 and in the last quiet part of November before the holidays hit. Your calendar is full and the office is buzzing.

How do you want to finish out the year?

Dan Harris, the author of 10 Percent Happier says, “I think of mindfulness as the ability not to be yanked around by your own emotions. That can have a big impact on how you are in the workplace.”


To combat the negative influence of emotions getting in the way of productivity, it is important to stay present. This week, schedule 30 minutes in your calendar for you to sit down and relax. During this time, try a 5-minute meditation. If you're new to meditation there are a number of apps that can help such as Headspace and Insight Timer

Here are some tips on how you can stay present, using meditation and other techniques, on a day-to-day basis in the office:

  • Meditate. Meditation not only decreases anxiety, but it is also attention training. Neuroscience found that daily meditate boosts the areas of our brain that are related to attention regulation.

  • Block off dedicated time to answer email. Service Operations (ServOps) is a good tool to help schedule these time blocks off on a daily basis. Team members can then view the break in your calendar and know that this time is spoken for.

  • Remain mindful: take a breath, observe your thoughts, proceed with the next right action

  • Take a moment: each time you finish a task or project and ground yourself in the present moment. We do our best work when our mind is clear.

If you're swamped with deadlines and client calls it might seem close to impossible to take a break. Utilize a ServOps platform that automates schedule breaks in your calendar so that you can stay on task and avoid burnout. Take a look at how ServOps creates more time for the work you love with automated, transparent features. Sign up for your free trial and take a deep breath. 

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