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Why Fully Remote Companies Love Accelo

Jun 12 2018 read

Managing teams across different time zones is challenging, and it’s becoming more and more common. Studies show that approximately 40% of employees currently work offsite. What’s more, when recruiting, companies offer flexible scheduling as a perk to prospective applicants because employees are placing a greater emphasis on autonomy. When properly managed, this relationship is successful on both ends, especially with the added help of modern cloud software.

With a client work management platform like Accelo, teams can connect in real-time and work seamlessly across multiple time zones. How? Because our platform offers freedom and flexibility, even when working on the go.

Here are two key reasons why fully remote teams love Accelo:

Company-Wide Transparency

Good project management systems provide a unique form of transparency that allows your team members to stay up-to-date with company-wide progress. Managing a CRM, invoicing system, and communication platform can take up a lot of time and work can fall through the cracks. With Accelo, everything is on one platform and team members can stay in the loop regardless of their location. Our team especially appreciates the project planning feature on Accelo because they can track time and projects, plan work, and assign work all from the same place. What’s more is that individuals can stay on-track with fully transparent task management and project collaboration, and even set up automated notifications to ensure they never miss a deadline. Each of these goes a long way when working away from the office.


According to Harvard Business Review, employees who work remotely are over 30% more productive than traditional office employees, quit at half the rate, and have much higher job satisfaction. HBR attributes the benefits to two things: the no “cake in the break room” effect, and longer hours. Typically, remote workers start earlier, take shorter breaks, and work until the end of the day. Plus, they aren’t likely to run errands during lunch.

Streamlined Communication

How do you replicate in-person communication? With remote work, you have to lean on cloud technology. Team schedules, task updates, and client relationship tracking shouldn’t slow you down-- why use three tools when you can transition to one system? With Accelo, these programs are synced up in one location. What our clients love about Accelo’s team scheduling is how easy it is to see who is available to jump in on a project. No more guessing about which employee is underworked and which employee is overworked. Another favored feature is email syncing, which commonly diminishes the need for meetings about meetings, and seriously streamlines important discussions. Remote teams can use these systems to make time for consistent check-ins, all-hands meetings, and client calls.  

Successfully achieving consistent communication and an open network for your team will help with one more important piece of the puzzle: culture. With remote work, culture can be built, but you have to put in the effort. Without run-ins at the coffee station, you’ll need to go a little bit further to get to know the people you’re working with. We believe that using our systems to lay the groundwork for a healthy flow of meetings and projects will put you on the path to success in this environment. Let your personalities shine through, allow the remote systems to work with you, collaborate, and celebrate successes.

If you’re part of a remote team and you aren’t using Accelo do yourself a favor and simplify. One system really does fit all. Sign up for a trial today.  


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