How Happy Are Your Employees?

Why The Employee Experience Still Matters

1-Aug 2018
Project Management

We all spend time perfecting the customer experience, and our clients love the visibility that’s available through our Dashboards. However, a great company culture and the employee experience are just as important as your product and customer satisfaction. 

Quick and easy perks (free snacks, drinks, and ping pong) are not representative of a good company culture as they don't contribute to a true, robust employee experience. Companies that attract intelligent talent and boast happy employees have to dedicate themselves to creating a culture where people want to come to work every day, work hard, and are happy outside of the office.

What makes a successful employee experience and culture depends on the organization and industry.

For example, are you able to schedule time in your team’s calendar with certainty that they have the time and resources to meet you? In ServOps we call this Team Scheduling. It also allows the entire company to see who is being underutilized and who is being overutilized. A central calendar quickly improves communication between peers and teams. The more information you have on how your employees are spending their time and interacting with clients the better you’re able to pinpoint portions of the employee experience that need improvement.

And, of course, we practice what we preach. At Accelo, we treat culture as a product. The way we interact in the office and our satisfaction influences our work, our product, and our lives. That being said, there are common qualities that people care about, which cross multiple sectors: the right technology and resources to do their jobs, agency and empowerment, their workspace, and engagement with others.

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What's the Accelo employee experience? Here are real thoughts from real employees in our Denver office on the employee experience and why it matters to them:

On location

  • Honestly, being in such a central location is prime. The office is really easy to get to via public transportation, there are so many incredible lunch options within walking distance, and it’s just exciting to feel like you’re in the “hub” of it all. Plus the view from our office is bonkers!

On balance

  • There’s a pretty large emphasis on work-life balance, which is excellent. Fun is encouraged, family is encouraged, taking care of yourself is encouraged. When you feel supported by your company, you naturally want to put in more effort. I think that shows at Accelo. There is always so much energy and motivation from the entire team when I walk into the office every morning, I love it! Also all the La Croix, Bai, Red Bull, and the best snacks ever. Some of us walk to get ice cream in the afternoon at least once a week when we need a good Brain Break.

On vibes

  • Everyone I work with is awesome.  Accelo seems to seek hires who are intelligent, motivated and darn friendly.  I enjoy coming to work because the camaraderie is evident to anyone walking into our office space.  The environment we’ve created is one that has allows us to look forward to coming into work every morning.I am a big fan of the people here - always happy, working together, and sharing a common goal.

  • I love the diverse backgrounds that we have here at Accelo!  So great that everyone is so open and collaborative with similar missions.  Everyone is a key part to the product and that is valued!

  • I love my coworkers, we have so much fun guessing what hat Tom will wear that day :) Everyone is willing to help and get the job done, there is a true sense of teamwork in our office space.

  • Ultimately, I love that I can come in early, stay late & still feel like my days fly by. I get to focus on the work I love to do & do so with an incredible team who is as passionate about helping our customers as I am.

  • It is refreshing to feel so supported and valued as a team member. We have truly created a little community/ family here in Denver, and that is something that is rare for a work environment. I know that in an emergency I could call anyone from the office and they’d be there to help and support me without hesitation. The staff at Accelo is filled with intelligent, generous, compassionate, humble, hard-working people, all of which I am proud to call friends and peers.

Culture runs on feelings, and the employee experience motivates us. There is nothing worse than walking into work depleted and discouraged. Next time you’re thinking of improving your culture we recommend examining leadership styles, looking into relationships within the company, evaluating the organizational structure, and reviewing competitive compensation. For more information on how to improve relationships, signup for a free trial and take a look at our Dashboards and Team Scheduling tools. Plus, take a look at what our San Francisco team loves about Accelo here!


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