3 Valid Reasons to Work From Home

Aug 16 2018 read

Does the thought of commuting make you shudder? In the San Francisco Bay Area, people spend, on average, one hour each day commuting. That’s five hours a week. In that time you could have made well-balanced breakfasts (just think: poached eggs and sourdough toast!), practiced yoga, spent time with your kids, or gone for a bike rides, and we all know that healthier and happier employees are also the ones who are more productive and hard-driving.  

“Time is our most precious and finite resource. You can not buy more of it. If you are spending it commuting, consider what it is costing you.” 

Of course, with increased flexibility comes an increased responsibility, both for the employer and the employee. That’s where Accelo's client work management platform comes in. A dynamic automated project management platform creates the proverbial bridge connecting the employer to employee. It streamlines communication, and with Accelo it’s easier than ever to set clear boundaries, create realistic expectations, sync work, and plan for meetings (remote or otherwise) in advance. If you have yet to try working with a client work management platform, sign up for your free trial today.

The Reasons

Increase Productivity:

According to Harvard Business Review, employees who work remotely are over 30% more productive than traditional office employees, quit at half the rate, and have much higher job satisfaction. HBR attributes the benefits to two things: the no “cake in the break room” effect (and at Accelo we LOVE celebrating with cake, just check out our Instagram) and longer hours. Typically, remote workers start earlier, take shorter breaks, and work until the end of the day. Plus, they aren’t likely to run errands during lunch.

We also love Accelo for pushing forward productivity with collaborative projects. Utilizing project planning, project tracking, task management, time tracking, and dependencies provides a solid framework to work with coworkers and clients from afar.

Improve Health:

Not surprisingly, excessive hours spent in the car and on the train aren’t great for personal health. Fascinatingly enough, as the distance you commute increases so does your risk level for a number of adverse health conditions, such as high blood pressure, increase in body weight, and metabolic risks. How about recycling your commuting time and turning it into your gym time? Furthermore, health is not only physical. Mental and emotional health is also likely to improve, as the level of fulfillment is much happier for people who work outside the office. It makes sense because without a commute you have more flexibility in your schedule to spend quality time with your family, friends, and other loved ones.

Achieve Serenity:

“Time is our most precious and finite resource,” says Brian de Haaf, CEO of Aha!. “You can not buy more of it. If you are spending it commuting, consider what it is costing you. And then think about what you could gain by casting it aside.” We love saving time at Accelo. Most of our clients rave about the time tracking features on our platform and boast the amount of time they’ve saved since switching to our platform. This begs us to ask, what would you do with an extra 5 hours a day? Learn a new skill? It takes 45 minutes a day to begin developing a new hobby. Maybe you’ll pick up the piano, learn to knit, or simply spend the time meditating.

If you’re a team of remote workers or looking to offer this benefit in the future, sign up for a free trial today and see how easy it is to collaborate across cities, time zones, and countries with Accelo!

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